And the year was 2020 I think and the new Catharthis Court was in full swing, and many of us were worrying "who's next?", I remember I was, (whew). I bet Thom Hartmann was too. In case you don't remember, the Catharthis Court (all HEIL THE MIGHTY COURT), oh, excuse me HIel Court, forever and ever. Well it works like this. After we'd opened Pandora's box again and elected President Anonymouse to office, he ordered all secret stuff to be revealed and, just in case you don't remember, he instituted the new humane solution, all HIEL! It worked like this: it's a machine that just makes stuff disappear never to be found again. It works on people too. So (as far as we know, they're just poofed into a different dimension, quite possibly a paradise of some sort..yeah, I hope not.) Actually some of them should go to where I was back on Dec 1, 2014. Yeah, standing on my tiptoes in raw sewage just above my moustache. But back to the main theme. Condolesa Rice was the first person to be honored with going to a new place, President Anonymous explained that a woman should be first, a tribute to motherhood, all that, y'know. After that it was Bill Clinton, wait, no, what am I thinking. It was Charles Koch, no wait, actually the machine, affectionately known as the Guillitine 2.0, could handle (safely) about 15 full sized people at once, like say the size of Clarence Thomas, yeah, I remember the day he got sent, along with a bunch of Wall Streeters, its all a blur now, and frankly I grew weary of it all. I don't remember if Hartmann went up or not. I remember ole Anonymouse himself got sent up, irony of ironies. Yeah, they were given the power to convict anyone who seemed to be guilty of contributing to what they called the "bread and circus crew". That could mean anyone who was just the least bit famous, well. Well. Who's to say its better now? Well at least its over and we can stick to the old principles of ever vigilance, all that.

Dec 1 2023,

is that my alarm going off? damn, what a dream.


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