When I watch The Rachel Maddow Show, I cannot believe how much (methodical and accurate) information I receive in just one short hour. Her news team must work diligently day and night to come up (in depth) with so many informative news items.

Today's technology gives us instant access to what is happening around the globe but unfortunately not all take part in absorbing all the rigorous and ultraprecise world accounts floating about, they would rather watch cartoon shows like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. This is quite depressing because knowledge is what makes for a better world and life, why anyone would turn their back on it, BTHOM.

Anyway, back to the why I love Rachel Maddow; she brings not only accurate reporting of the phenomenon that go on mostly behind closed doors (in other words, news items that would not normally be seen on mainstream media) and she brings it to us with humor and wit. Her critical thinking skills are off the chart and can be compared to some of the greats of our time, i.e. Richard Dawkins, Chris Hitchens, Howard Zinn, George Carlin, Keith Olbermann (I had to mention Keith because I love his Countdown Show Current TV ) and many others. No wonder the GOP & GOPTP hate her so, which makes her all the more loved by those who possess a wee itty bitty bit of those critical thinking skills.

Thank You Rachel Maddow you are one of the strongest and intelligent human beings that have come down the pike in sometime and Thank You MSNBC for allowing Rachel to come into our parlors each night bringing us insight beyond Old Mental Constructs.

Asked about her political views by the Valley Advocate, Maddow replied, "I'm undoubtedly a liberal, which means that I'm in almost total agreement with the Eisenhower-era Republican party platform"
She describes herself in high school as "a cross between the jock and the antisocial girl."

Please watch an example of a CRITICAL THINKER extraordinaire. (below)



johnmckinney's picture
johnmckinney 8 years 12 weeks ago

yes, she is perceptive and bright, good at pontification. also a fact-checker and I like that. I do generally agree with her conclusions.

claywoman's picture
claywoman 8 years 12 weeks ago

Audio of TRMS is also available as a podcast via the TuneIn Droid app (free!). I find that if I watch TV after 9PM (which is when she's on here on the Left Coast), I can't go to sleep for a while. So I use the podcast a lot. You miss the graphics, but there is still a LOT of info conveyed.

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