The rich are not job creators,


I once wrote a brief summary on how my family helped create jobs, for an on-line petition. I can't remember the petition but I've located the word doc that I created with my 2 cents worth: (Watch video below)


“Congress keeps mum on how jobs can be created; they seem to be telling us with their silence that, THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO CREATE JOBS. How strange is that, when my family has created jobs by repairing our infrastructure… i.e. NEW ROOF (the old one was shot and leaked) NEW SEPTIC TANK (the old one cracked and became a health hazard) NEW WATER PUMP (the old one quit working and we were without water) not to mention, washing machine, air-conditioner, hot water tank, and ALL AROUND HANDYMAN repairs. Congress can’t create jobs, but my "low income" household can, WHAT GIVES?”


It goes without saying how we, the 99 % buy gasoline that keep BIG OIL filthy rich with profits; Purchasing food and umpteen other needs that make those who payout dues to ALEC, wealthy beyond their dreams. {{{American Legislative Exchange Council}}} (

And, I can't begin to express how much of our hard earned LOW WAGES goes out to Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Insurance... Oh, and let us not forget the $$$, we shell over to Big Education making DEBT the real lifelong college career.)

Yes indeed, we are the JOB CREATORS and each and every one of us should thank one another for keeping this country running. (Yet The Corporate Personhood will step on our face every chance they get, TELLING US, IT'S OUR OWN DAMN FAULT BECAUSE WE ARE THE CAUSE OF THE PAIN WE FEEL.)

It's enough to make us SCREAM a collective “UNCLE”!

UPDATE: The above statements are all true and we the 99% have been clamoring the inequities from THE TOP OF MOUNTAINS and until now, our Uproars have fallen on deaf ears.

The 1% corporate personhood have made this country's income inequities a business where only the VERY WEALTHY reap any rewards. Not only that, they have convinced many of the populous, that only they, know what's best for we hoi polloi.

They call themselves JOB CREATORES and it doesn't matter who proves them wrong because Fox Fake News comes to the rescue and convinces their loyal viewers it's all a LIBERAL PLOT to take down our country.

Please sit back and listen to ONE OF THEM, one of the ONE PERCENTERS TELL IT LIKE IT REALLY IS.

Mr. Nick Hanauer, please tell me sweetheart, WHY DID IT TAKE YOU SO LONG???


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