If Bain Capital and Blackstone are the hideous beast Hartmann portrays them as, please help me understand a couple of things.

Why has it stayed in business for nearly 30 years? Truly terrible companies fold after a few investment mistakes?

Why are many of the individual investors in Bain and Blackstone union pension funds? For that matter why are there any investors in these horrible companies?

Why does Hartmann lie and pump the B.S. that the companies Bain and Blackstone invest in are all profitable and spitting out profits? If that were any near truthful the board of directors would never sell to Bain or Blackstone. They would not need them for anything.

What is wrong with Bain or Blackstone investing their dollars in a completely new startup company? Obama feels it is OK to pump hundreds of millions of my dollars into failed solar companies that the owner/directors have donated big money to his campaign war chest.

Why would any bank loan money to Bain or Blackstone if they, (the bank) did not think they were going to benefit rather than face a bankrupt company?

If I have this correct, you believe, and are trying to sell to your fellow lemmings, Bain and Blackstone are actually buying up and running companies that were over staffed, running at a loss, with a lot of bloat, that could be trimmed by whatever means, and be made to be run at a near profit, or broken up. Thus returning a large profit (perish that thought) to the investors including the union pension funds that took the risk and invested in Bain and Blackstone seeking a good return for their fellow union workers money.

I think either of those two companies are badly needed to oversee our current government waste and duplicity. Thanks Thom for suggesting Bain and Blackstone are just what this country needs. Enema time for a constipated and overweight government.


Blackstone is the private equity firm that just gave Obama a $35,000/plate fundraising dinner. Why are you all very quiet on the double standard pouring out of the White House?



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chuckle8 5 years 21 weeks ago

Do you believe anything you say?

Bain closes down healthy companies and sends the work overseas for less regulations and slave labor. A process very profitable for investors, but very destructive to the US economy,

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Calperson 5 years 21 weeks ago
Quote chuckle8:

Bain closes down healthy companies......

No, he does the exact opposite. I would like you to identify ONE company Bain has been involved in that anyone, anywhere has described as "healthy".

The problem with leftists today is that they believe the Hollywood propaganda machine and its fictitious characters such as Gordon Gekko are actually real.

Romney is experienced at making the hard executive decisions that this country needs right now. We cannot afford any more time with our feel good "post racial" President who has never held a job in the private sector and consistently voted "Present' when paid to make decisions in office.

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THISAA 5 years 21 weeks ago

I worked for a Bain managed paper distribution company for the last 10 years of my career. Bain negotiated with Stora in Wisconsin to manufacture a private label product made in the USA that replaced the product we were previously buying from China. Our thrust was to promote the products made in the USA. We participated in a anti dumping lawsuit that added a tax to Asian papers to make USA made products more affordable to our customers. We gained two choices for our healthcare. Both were better than the product supplied by our former owner Georgia Pacific. They gave us matching funds from the company for our 401k's. Our 401k's were now managed by Vanguard which gave us a much wider choices for investing. I was a salesman and when I left I recieved one years pay with full benefits for that entire year.

Not all is as promoted by the zealots on the left.

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chuckle8 5 years 21 weeks ago

Ohio Industries.

Do you have a definition of healthy?

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Robindell 5 years 21 weeks ago

I have heard that when Bain took over, Kay Bee toys was profitable but that the company was eventually closed down. There was a steel company that Bain bought which several years down the road went out of business. There should be more detail about this on radio shows, but the commercial format itself is based on profits, and there isn't that much time to go into detail, which is something that Thom and others need to work on. Private equity is described as being different from venture capital, and that seems logical to some degree, at least.

Massachusetts under Romney was ranked quite low, something like 45th, in job creation. A host who broadcasts from Boston has mentioned this statistic, and since he lives there, he knows of what he speaks.

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