Trump stumbled on to very potent issues during the primary. He found the trade agreements (NAFTA, etc.) and the fact that multinationals rule the country by means of financial bribes disguised all kinds of ways. These issues mirrored Bernie and gave TRUMP lots of juice with the working class screwed by these policies which are bipartisan or percieved as such. The Clintons and the Bushies are on the same page with respect to Wall Street. Yet rather than running with these ideas, figuratively and literally, TRUMP has completely backed off in favor of the same tired Republican talking points. Today he unearthed the weirdest Reagan talking point that has mystified anyone above a half-wit for two generations. His tax cuts will pay for themselves. Indeed! Yes you heard it right. The Laffer or laugher? curve has returned. This ridiculous idea that justifies all the Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman BS has to be the biggest lie of all in the economic arena build by the Neo-Cons. The amusing thing is if it were true why did REAGAN raise SS taxes to pay for (in advance) the increased cost of the Baby Boomer's retirement? Would not the sensible thing to do be to cut the SS tax and lower the cap? According to the "L" curve that should increase the money available to the SS Trust Fund, right? Well maybe neither Greenspan nor Reagan actually believed this BS. But THE DONALD brought out the big lie today to justify his massive tax cuts on the super wealthy. Why not massively cut SS taxes and double the benefits with the huge increase in revenue that that would cause if this were true, right now? Doubling the SS benefits might actually win Trump the election and he would be cutting taxes just like his Republican masters want. Trump has gone full speed on all the Neo Con talking points and completely dropped his pretense to economic populism. Lets hope Crooked Hillary has at least one person on her staff with brains enough to point this out. Today is the day TRUMP went full on Goebbels. He told the big lie. Lets make him pay for it.


al3's picture
al3 3 years 16 weeks ago

Trump crushed early, discussing trade, tariffs, and VAT taxes. Trump is 100% correct there. Hillary's answers during this conversation were basically glossing over things, in the typical tired Dem manner.

Then Trump went into massive corporate tax cuts "will create millions of jobs," or something to that effect. They won't. He lost me there, and for most of the rest of the debate.

One later exception where Trump showed a sign of life is where he maintained that other countries need to pay the U.S. for military protection. I agree 100% with that. They do. What sense does it make for U.S. taxpayers to foot billions of dollars for protection of the very countries (Japan, Korea, Germany, etc.) that take U.S. manufacturing jobs??? Makes NO sense, and Trump hit a home run there. Otherwise, he was pretty much crushed by Hillary IMO.

Add Trump's forceful message on trade and NATO with his unlikely messing with Medicare and SS still makes him mildly interesting for me. As he has been all along. Add the "same 'ol, same 'ol" stigma of HC, and it's no surprise Trump still gets a surprising amount of support. And I thought the media has been unneccessarily harsh on his debate performance, just my opinion. WIll just feed "liberal media" meme from the right.

Coalage1 3 years 16 weeks ago

From Peter Van Buren:

America will have Trump or Clinton in the White House for the next four years because they are us.

Clinton is the ultimate end product of a political process consumed by big money. She is the candidate of the 1 percent. She believes in nothing but the acquisition of power and will trade anything to get it. The oligarchy is happy to help her with that.

Trump is the ultimate Frankenstein product of decades of lightly shaded Republican hate mongering. He is the natural end point of 15 post-9/11 years of keeping us afraid. He is the mediagenic demagogue a country gets when it abandons its people to economic Darwinism, crushes its middle class, and gives up on caring what happens to its minorities.

Both candidates are markers of a doomed democracy, a system that reached its apex somewhere in the past and has only now declined enough that everyone can see where we are. They’re us, people. We watched this happen, and we’ll be stuck trying to live with the results.

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