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Though no one can know what goes on in anothers head, we can know what they do and say. Reagan turned in fellow actors as commies in the red scare. This is pretty mean. As the head of the Union he should have protected them. But...no. As Govenour of CA he raised tuition and made previously free schools expensive because "students don't agree with my policies." He made his bones with the far right by making a tape condemning Medicare as the yellow brick road to communism and socialism. First it is pretty dumb to assume that either economic system is inherently evil. Second so what if it is? So that was a pretty mean thing to do for only money. He sold Chesterfields to people with lung cancer, not exactly Mother Teresa. He called all of Russia the Evil Empire to raise tensions. Nothing evil about socialism sorry. Russia is no moreor less evil today than it was back in the day. Reagan fostered the Iran Contra fiasco, the October surprise and totally missed the point of Russia's Afganistan battle with the jihadists which has led to the 8 Obama wars of today. That is black and white thinking which is malicious.


Roland de Brabant's picture
Roland de Brabant 2 years 14 weeks ago

The only thing that can be said in Ray-guns defense is that he was too stupid to understand what he was doing. A great deal of the blame belongs with Nancy who turned Jane Wyman's nice husband into the evil monster who destroyed America.


zapdam's picture
zapdam 2 years 14 weeks ago

Tim1234, very good post my friend. You can add it was Ronnie Reagan regime that propped up psychopathic right wing governments in central America ,invited them to the United States , gave them legitimacy by calling them friends of America and covertly supplied them with CIA training and military equipment, which these monsters used to kill over 300,000 of their own people while he was in power. Reagan was so anti communist he was prepared to kill every living man ,women and child ,innocent are not in Central America, which he claimed falsely where it was spreading.

Reagan's power ,his presidency obtained by committing treason against his country, by colluding with the Ayatollah of Iran to hold American hostages till the 1980 elections were over to make President Jimmy Carter look weak and ineffectual. Reagan in the end turned out to be a mass murderer passed off by right wing spin masters and the corporate owned media as a stern but gentle ,caring doddering old man. Nothing could have been further from the truth.



Legend 2 years 14 weeks ago

You also did not mention raising taxes on the middle class 11 times. Yet, with all of these faults he is the God of Republicans to the Republicans. This mentality is now repeating itself where they are ignoring the 6 weeks of Trump and what a disaster it is.


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