House cats eat them, their eggs and their young. Cat lovers feed feral cats and many live in the Oakland Hills at the junction of City and parkland. Even the coyotes can't get the cats. The song birds live at the fringes of forests where they have some protection from raccoons and ather predictors by bigger predators and birds predators, the larger predictors can't penetrate the thicker thorny trees where song birds nest. But catS can. Cats are a huge problem, an unnatural nature n native species, aliens.


Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 1 year 29 weeks ago

Cats are embraced by democrats, dogs are the preferred republican pets. Are you saying democrats are destroying the ecosystem?

One for the bore assed woman hater,

rs allen 1 year 29 weeks ago

You should qualify that troll,

Republicans prefer curs that will lick your boots when ever and however you mistreat them.

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DdC 1 year 29 weeks ago

Cats are a problem for nesting birds. Feral cats are a problem for a lot of reasons. Pesticides are also a problem. And to what birds eat. But the song bird doesn't have the food that makes them sing as in past generations. Hemp seed.

Hemp Seed Nutrition December 15, 1994

“Canaries won’t sing without it.”

That was what the bird seed companies testified before the US Congress in 1937. Due to that testimonial sterilized hemp seeds were imported for use in commercial birdseed mix even though hemp itself was illegal. Hemp seed has remained a major component of commercial birdseed mix to this day. Most pet birds eat hemp seed before the other seeds it’s often mixed with. Pets need it to maintain healthy skin and feathers; and so do wild birds. (The lack of hemp seed may be one of the factors contributing to the decrease of the North American songbird population.) Hemp seed is also good food for people.

It has always been a staple for pet shops to sell for song birds. Through the entire prohibition since 1937. Shops have bought Romainian seed and since the 90s, from Canada. Only they have to be sterilized. Growing it in the US is still outlawed. In spite of the Audubon Society efforts to bring rational thought into drug worrier's crusades.

Legalize It! Audubon Mag. - 09/07/00
Cannabis sativa is a low-maintenance crop that can be used in paper, clothing, rope-even cars. So why, when it's grown in 32 other countries, is hemp still illegal in the United States?

But, the Ganjawar is supposed to be about saving kids from drugs, not blue jeans or bird seed. Or raiding sick people who find it helps pain relief or stops seizures. Or reduces Big Pharma addiction and overdose. Legal or not. S#1 has no Science backing the inclusion of Ganja and no sanity in classifying Hemp.

Why Sterilize Hemp Seeds
In a nutshell (if you can excuse the pun) it’s because we have to. Back in the late 1930s when this whole anti-hemp insanity began in the US, the only industry that successfully lobbied the US Congress to preserve the legality of one part of the hemp plant was the bird seed merchants. You see, they told Congress that if they were forced to remove hemp seed from the bird feed mixes, the song birds would cease to sing. Well, this was enough for Congress to change the new “Marijuana tax act” to not include hemp seeds.

High on Hemp:
Houses, Cars, EFA's, Paper, Batteries and Bird Seed.
Hemplastic or Fossil Fools Crud.

Yet that false CSA seal applied by Nixon after rejecting his own Commission's re-evaluation of previous actual Science. Is the home base for drug worriers, cops and paid gossip groups persecution of 30+ million American citizens. Decades of unequal sentencing, Mandatory Minimums bought by the NRA. Supposedly backing small game hunters who are losing pheasant habitat to hysteria. For profits and bloated budgets. Ain't that making America great?.

Heston died, NRA's Mandatory Minimum Didn't
A new study released yesterday by the widely known human rights watchdog group Human Rights Watch promises to generate great interest among the mass media and other interested parties. "Punishment and Prejudice: Racial Disparities in the War on Drugs" charges that the war on drugs has been waged overwhelmingly against black Americans, and includes the first state-by-state analysis of the role of race and drugs in prison admissions. All of the 37 states Human Rights Watch studied send black drug offenders to prison at far higher rates than whites. Heston served four terms as president of the National Rifle Association between 1997 and 2001. He became one of the organization's most effective spokesmen.

NRA's lobbying for mandatory minimum sentences

Slave Labor Means Big Bucks For U.S. Corporations

An important and largely overlooked force driving the prison boom in the United States is the National Rifle Association. With a membership of some 3 million, an estimated war chest of $140 million, and paid lobbyists in ail 50 states, the NRA has thrown its weight behind so-called "get tough on crime" measures and prison-building initiatives.

(Families Against Mandatory Minimums)

Hiding behind children to fear monger adults into terrorizing patients and ruining teens lives. Knowingly or duped, (carrying loaded weapons). Excusing their behavior trashing wrong addresses and holding automatic weapons on Polio patients after wrestling them to the floor. On the bogus CSA permitting them to do it, legally. No sense of right or wrong, just follow orders.

Drug Czar is Required by Law to Lie

Ending in shooting dogs, losing kids and homes to save them from pot? Police budgets and profit prisons and religious rehabs. Jim Crow². Now profits are equalizing the inmate population with women incarcerations rising. The song birds are dying as a result of human greed's collateral damage. A preventable disease cured by removing Cannabis from the Controlled Substance Act. Or remove the CSA and let doctors and patients deal with medicine and cops deal with crooked banksters.

Ganjawar Puppycide
Forfeiture $quads

The US wild Hemp "ditchweed" has been a target of local Sheriff's and DEA to jack up numbers on their eradication counts.

Cannabis Eradications 99.28% Ditchweed! - 03/07/00
Federal Marijuana Eradication Program Seizes Nothing But Ditchweed,
State Auditor's Report Says

May 7, 1998, Washington, D.C.: Over 99 percent of the marijuana eradicated by the Drug Enforcement Administration's federally funded "Cannabis Suppression Program" is nonpsychoactive hemp, reveals a 1998 Vermont State Auditor's report.

"The national total of ditchweed eradicated compared to the total number of plants seized is 99.28 percent resulting in less than one percent cultivated indoor and outdoor plant eradication percentage at the national level," the report concludes. It further notes that each cultivated plant seized by the DEA costs taxpayers an average of $3.02. Nationally, the program spent over $9 million for marijuana eradication in all 50 states in 1996.

Non psychoactive wild unkept song bird seed is legally considered a schedule#1 narcotic. The same mandatory minimum sentences are doled out according to the amount found. Farmers have been given a break if they turn it in.

Spraying Ditchweed Could Devastate
Game Bird Populations
- 01/11/03
DEA Requesting Comments on Spraying the Herbicide
Triclopyr on Industrial Hemp Across America

Nine out of 10 hunters probably couldnt care less whether marijuana lives or dies. However, marijuana is one of the Midwests most valuable cover plants for upland game, and some of the proposals for eradicating it could have terribly damaging effect on all other upland-game cover. And cover is the name of the hunting game. No cover means no game and no hunting.

10 Birds That Love To Eat Hemp Seeds

I don't know how many are serving time for being in possession. Many tried using it to show the value of the plant. One case was spread on the net about a practical joke stashing a pile they gathered and calling the cops. Thinking they would know the difference. That ended with jail time.

State Patrol on prowl for ditchweed harvesters - 09/30/00

Usually forfeiture of the property making it an incentive to legally steal from all land owners. As it has been in many cases. The Audubon Society has been involved for decades noticing the game birds habitats were being wiped out by predators on two legs with a badge. Like the 90 million pounds of poisons spread over the bible belt cotton crops. Monsanto has made a fortune killing ditchweed and nearby crops.

Mon$anto'$ WoD on Ditchweed 12/23/01

As in Colombia spraying from an altitude to avoid gunfire, they miss more than they eradicate. Hitting populations, water supplies and vegetable crops causing hunger. More DEA justified collateral damage. As the actual dying kids without access to CBD oil for seizures. Or alcoholics and addicts and chemo patients relieving side effects. All corporate competition and strings to politicians perpetuating the reefer madness for their own selfish needs or just hate with bennies.

Columbian schoolchildren sprayed from above

Bigger numbers means bigger budgets in testimony to Congress. These wild bird sanctuaries are falsely used to perpetuate a Trillion dollar Ganjawar. Like I keep saying. ☛ The Ganjawar is in Everything.

tim1234 1 year 29 weeks ago

Well birds back with legal pot in CA next year, sell cats to Chinese. Hot and sour pork?

tim1234 1 year 29 weeks ago

Farmers and Ranchers are destroying the water ecosystem in CA. Cats destroy the song bird eco structure along with other factors. Keeping the ecosystem as it should be is hard for those who worship the yellow dust. Think about a community. Does anyone want to have thickets anymore? Where small birds are safe?

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