Save money by rolling your own cigarettes

The cost of cigarettes is outrageous these days but luckily we still can buy tobacco. Long ago they were $2 a pack but now you won't find cigarettes at that price. Stores are currently selling them for $5 a pack and it's quickly rising to be a dollar more. Did you know that some cigarettes are selling for ten dollars in states like California, New York and New Jersey? Of course, it depends on which brand you by. A few years ago, smokers would be ordering their cigarettes in the mail instead of going to the store because this would save them a bundle each month. However, USPS banned shipping any cigarettes.

The first thing that is needed is rolling tobacco and cigarette rolling paper. For the paper, make sure it is thick as this will be easier when you first learn to roll.
You obviously don't want the whole thing falling apart in your hands. Instead of purchasing in stores, you should buy tobacco online. Your cost would go down by at least $25-$80 a month, depending on how many cigarettes you go through each day. This will save you even more money because you'll be buying large amounts of tobacco. Remember that your tobacco may get old if you have not used it. In this case, you will need to prepare before it gets dry. Take a zip-lock bag and store your tobacco in there. If you notice it still gets dry, place an apple peel with the tobacco for at least 8 hours.

Do you like to use filters? If so, you can always buy some on the internet. Or if you want, a simple paper card can be used to make a filter. This could be a slice of cardboard or maybe an index card. After you have made your filter, the cigarette will be sturdy and you won't have to worry about the tip becoming moist. As you can see, rolling your own cigarettes is a simple task and you will be able to save money each month.

Democrats Need To Reclaim the Word Freedom Now

Thom plus logo The big debate among democratic circles is about the word socialism. It really needs to be about the word freedom. Billionaires claim that freedom means no taxes for the billionaires. Industrialists claim that freedom means no regulation for their industries.