* Thom, Please Forgive Bernie - He Can't Make It Without You *
I've been listening and boosting you for 10 years.
Lately, there's something different that's disturbing.
Bernie Sanders would not be where he is today - without you.
You introduced Bernie to most of us, and what he stood for.
It's too bad he doesn't seem to realize the role you've played.
It's too bad he hasn't asked your advice, or kept you closer.
Bernie is now carrying the banner for all the truths
you've brought home so powerfully, all these years.
All you have been working towards might now come to pass.
But not without Bernie. And Bernie will not make it without you.
I can imagine you feeling may be hurt, your ego miffed,
you soul craving some acknowledgement and respect.
You often warn us not to get in a circular firing squad.
But what's worse is a silent duel between partners.
Forgive him, for he knows not what he does,
even as we need to be forgiving you.
The political revolution will not happen without its guiding genius.
But it's guiding genius will not see fruition without its standard bearer.
I should have known the day you removed your Sanders/Warren bear
that something far less loving and cuddly had claimed the center.
None of us actually *want* Hillary. She does not carry your banner.
And should she arrive, she will live down to our intelligent expectations.
The political revolution can happen - but not without your help, Thom.
Without your wholehearted support, this moment will be lost.
We need peace and love between you and Bernie.
We need an end to these hurt feelings.
Someone has to forgive the one who is obvlious.
I really think that someone is you. At least I hope so.
Hillary might lose. Bernie will not.
And if she wins. We will not be happy.
She may not even live up to our fearful hope
in the appointment of Supreme Court justices.
One thing's for sure - what you've been working towards will fizzle.
And it may be decades before we have another chance like this.
Please consider what I'm saying - if someone is kind enough
to bring these words to your attention. Every moment counts.
Bernie needs you Wholehearted Support.
And so do you.
F, Nov 20, 2015
5:14 PM


Tony Paterniti's picture
Tony Paterniti 2 years 51 weeks ago

Sorry for all these repetitions. I was trying to delete and repost with the formatting as I typed it. The original was quite readable and even elegant. Ugh.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 2 years 51 weeks ago

Tony, what are these hurt feelings you are referring to, and what are they based on? You've really sparked my curiosity. I'm a bit behind listening to my podcast.

jggrieco 2 years 51 weeks ago

Really? Thom's much bigger than that. He doesn't need or seek credit. I'm sure it makes him very happy inside knowing his efforts are helping our troubled democracy.

old lady's picture
old lady 2 years 51 weeks ago

Tony, I'm pretty sure that Thom nor Bernie have any problems with their relationship. Bernie is quite busy with his campaign while retaining his responsibilities as an active Senator. Thom seems to still hold respect, support and admiration for Benie. Seriously, everything is fine with Thom and Bernie in my humble opinion.

old lady's picture
old lady 2 years 51 weeks ago

One last comment Tony, Thom and Bernie are independently successful individuals.

SueN's picture
SueN 2 years 51 weeks ago

Tony, I've removed the duplicates and fixed the formatting.

I'm as puzzled as everyone else about what made you think it necessary to write this - and I have not missed any shows.

Roland de Brabant's picture
Roland de Brabant 2 years 51 weeks ago

Everyone should do whatever s/he can to help Bernie. And we do not have decades, neither for America nor the human race. So it is either now or never.


Tony Paterniti's picture
Tony Paterniti 2 years 51 weeks ago

God, I'm have technological prolems today.

Thanks Sue, for straigtening out the mess.


The headline was, hopefully, to get Thom's attention.

The forgiveness bit is not really something for a public forum

but I knew no way to reach him personally;

I think he will understand what I mean.


As for the rest, each of us - and especially Thom -

need to ask who we really want see as President.


If it's Hillary, God bless you.

If it's Bernie, God bless you.


But if your heart says Bernie and you straddle the fence

and close your eyes to what you don't like about Hillary

you will wind up losing way more than you hope to gain

through any nice calculation regarding the Supreme Court.


Wise choices do not emerge from fearful premises.


One may regret support Ralph Nader in a past election

but there will be no regret great than knowing

you could have pushed Bernie's "political revolution" -

over the finish line, but you were too careful

and chose to ignore Hillary's many, many negatives

and why you really don't support her

in the hopes of gaining something worthwhile later.


And why, Thom, are you not pointing out

that Hillary's "surge" came as a gift

from two top Republicans, who made her a hero

by "accidentally" revealing that the Benghazi hearings

existed only to take her down.


In doing this, they were following Ann Coulter's

repeated advice to fellow Republicans -

which you yourself alerted us to -

that they should help ensure Hillary gets the nomination,

becasue "we want to run against Hillary;

we don't want to run against Bernie."


Why did you not alert us, and say

"Beware of Republicans Bearing Gifts."


There is no doubt about Hillary's positions

regarding the crucial issues Bernie has raised,

which means there will be no one to stop

the momentum towards total oligarchy.


Thom, if *you* - who introduced us all to Bernie -

do not take an unequivocal stand

he doesn't have a chance.


Lately, if seems like you have already bought the notion

that he really *doesn't* have a chance.


I base this on things I've heard you say.

So much of what I am saying here

is based on things I've heard you say.


Bernie may not know how much he needs you ...

but I do.


Without your wholehearted support, he will not win.


I hope you will find a way to the verdict of your innermost being

and help make this political revolution happen.


Way more depends on you than you seem to care to realize.


That's all I'm saying.


Whether we know it or not,

we are actually counting on you

to follow through.


You helped bring most of us to this point.

Now help get Bernie over the finish line.


With deepest love, appreciation and respect

for all you have done and continue to do

and for your genuine humility --

maybe too much humility,

for that matter,


Most sincerely,

Tony Paterniti

Tony Paterniti's picture
Tony Paterniti 2 years 51 weeks ago

Yes, Roland, ... exactly.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 2 years 51 weeks ago

Roland, Tony, I couldn't agree more. The stakes have never been this high. Without Bernie and a way more progressive Congress, we're screwed, and this country goes right down the toilet. If the Republicans don't kill us, corporate Democrats will.

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