Thom wants to bring up 911 and talk about stuff he has scant information on, having pretty much swallowed the 'warren investingation' style account we have in the hearts and minds of the blind and the disillusioned.

Poor Thom, you, they, God, Bhudda, Vishnu, cannot, will not, and shall not ever produce one shred of evidence a plane crashed in philadelphia on the date in question. If Thom had bothered, before running off at the mouth about it to have punched this into the matrix, he would have smelled a fish. But, not only does he selectively and conveniently choose his facts, he looks more and more like some kind of shill I just can't place yet. Maybe lightning will strike, maybe Thom will have a Damascus experience, but I'm not holding my breath.

Now, the field 'they' claimed the plane came down in had no wreckage, hello Mr Hartmann, ok that was redudnent but crucial to finding the truth. This field had been put on google maps WAYYYYYYYY before they claimed the plain had crashed there. There is a drainage ditch and a pond that were buit 11 years before the crash, all subtantiatable, not bs, Tommy Boy. This scenario looked close enough from aerial photos to pull the wool over Thoms eyes, but don't feel post-fertile me boy, a whole nation living in darkness feeding off pablum like what you and Bernie are puking out.

Thom is afraid because he has stuck his head in the sand on 911, and now he can't speak with any authority, because he's afraid he'd be branded a kook and a conspiracy theorist. Mr Hartmann has been sterilized, as is plainly written in all his thoughts and actions, and as plainly as the bullies of the bushies have totally softened him up, roughed him up, and effectively shut him up (essentially).


the_hopping_mad_flea's picture
the_hopping_mad_flea 6 years 7 weeks ago

As Sherlock Holms was reputed to have said: When all causes of the disappearance of a plane have been totally exhausted, that which remains, however implauseable, is the truth

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