Hello, I don't listen to Alex Jones.

Thom has been effectively lobotomized by those who would smother him with ridicule and derision if he ever mentioned a hint of a conspiracy. This has basically castrated the gentleman right off the spot and he cannot engage in an honest assessment of things for fear he'll be labeled a conspiracy theorist.

There is a conspiracy, and one they used to talk about until the talking heads were told to just let it die, because it was shedding WAYY too much light on the TRUTH. And, that was "The Silent Majority". Therefore, my poor lost little lambs, there is a conspiracy. Yes, a conspiracy to just pretty much do what 'they-hello again Thom, they' tell you.

So , actually to the rich, who hire the the most brilliant minds, far smarter than Mr Hartmann or I or you will ever be, vew you as a truffle. A yes, a highly prized truffle, lying in the ground, waiting to be found, a fungible. Oh I'm so clever.

dictioary 2. fungible: thing of value that satisfies parties for reprocipical exchange, or something like that, not 'shroom, or well, business has been mushrooming even while Thom scratches his stubble.

So, now you know that the rich run everything, including the POTUS, don't blame him, or Eric Holder, or even that idiot King George had the political muster to stop the fast and furious campaign. This was such a winner for our dark lord (him this time Thom, not they) that he's done everything he can to keep it in play. When this cockamame idea was put in place it insured that the mexican drug cartels would now be able to carry on a drug war amongst themselves, la policia, el federalies, DEA, FBI, CIA, BATF, Homeland Insecurity, Border Patrol, Ice, Whatever, Customs. See how smarter than you they are? All they had to do was play the plausible stupidity card, and bingo! Get outa jail free.

They know everything, and they have Thom's social security number, mine, yours, who are you kidding? yes Tommy Boy, they, they they, damn it. So ah..

Then, Daddy wrecked the bosses Bugati against a brick wall and splattered his brains all over the company building..


the_hopping_mad_flea's picture
the_hopping_mad_flea 6 years 28 weeks ago

Dude! I am so sorry you've run afowl of this. Pot obviously hasn't affected your mind for you to be able to write so well on the subject.


DdC's picture
DdC 6 years 28 weeks ago


Using Pot To Save Brains!

Why Police Officers Lie Under Oath

The Free Mexican Air Force

Canada's Supremes Cower Under DEAth Threats

Well Dude, be as sorry as you want. I didn't write it, nor do I solicit advise about the subject from someone so angry and scared. Seems more as if you've run afowl of this. Attacking the lesser evil for not being good is a fear or appeasement of the greater evil. Typical Palin Dubbs protesting the oppressed. Cut the Band Aids but leave the mad slasher causing their need alone. Weak dude. Your garbled issues indicate a fondness for the booze or white powders. Explaining why its hard to take you serious. Or why you think the MSM Muzzle puts out anything better. Or can reach the audiences available with independent TV and keep the license to broadcast on the status quo infrastructure. I've found those who try to silence the few voices speaking out, are either wealthy or trolls. I've also observed the wealthy don't waste their time on message boards. As for F&F being in any way new, unique or surprising... outside of Glen Beck enterprises. Yawn. Iran Contra? Thailand? Colombia? Vietfuckingnam? Now there's some fast and furious. Or do you mean the movie with the bald dude, about cars? Or giving missiles to bin laddy and wmd's to sadamn. Booshammy working for Daddy Warbucks. America's imperialism at work.

Drug War Bailing Out Banksters

Why Do You Think They Call it DOPE?
* Cannabis Hemp: The Invisible Prohibition Revealed
* The Elkhorn Manifesto
* Marijuana and Hemp: The Untold Story
* The Nation of Apathetic Puppets By John Pilger
* Maintaining Dysfunction

Many Veterans are the Enemy of the D.E.A.th War

With your incoherant rants and temper tantrums, its hard to tell where you stand or kneel. Many flag jerkers find progressives a threat to their "beliefs". From geeeeeezus to global warming since facts or physics aren't a necessary part of their equation. As for the Ganjawar, it is a product sold by Walmartians for profits perpetuating it and for keeping out alternatives to their synthetic world. The church addiction to moralizing addiction as sin is more of a fascist tool, as are the MSM and for profit propaganda DARE the FRCn PDFA groups. Laundering money through the old drug czars Philanthropy Roundtable. To torture chambers of rehabilitation. Since addiction is a sin you must find geeeeeezus before the cure is possible, Like finding Waldo or the Pope in the Pizza.

Religious drug treatment in Texas

Ancient Temple Hashish Incense! Did Jesus Inhale?

As for your sharing Alex Jones mantra but not being a groupie. Its difficult with your lack of focus to be sure what your point is. I'm not convinced, but don't let that stop you. Giants just lost a double header and I can use some comic relief. The New Weird Odor and the World Trade Orchestrations are business deals over a long period of time. Fascism has been ingrained into the culture since the Romans, Sanhedrin and Pagans invented Christianity. Why sweat it now that you think you know what's going on? Calm down, take a few breaths through your nose. Fascism isn't going anywhere.

U.S.Al Qaeda!

Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings
to divert the countries attention from the
Fascist acts of eliminating competition.
Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp.

How does one expect the public to know about anything with censored media and school books? History is still a lie, agreed upon by those writing the books. When someone gets a chance to spotlight some of the actions against the corporate punk offspring of the Barons and Families who built the country on the backs of the workers. None the less they had stake and took risks these mindless profiteers weasel around. Deception has always been a part of this and most countries. Including who paid for the Revolutionary War. Same as the punk profiteers continuing Rockefellers war agtainst Hemp as his war against home distillation. This Ganjawar is more to due with keeping Hemp illegal than Ganja. It certainly has nothing to due with saveding the kids or the junkies and stoners. Name anyone on Mainstream cable who even brings up the Ganjawar? You have to pay HBO to hear Bill Maher and occasionally a few one liners. Again such vicious attacks with no substantiation except an off key yodeler on u2b.

What have any Republicans done
in the last 40 years to help the average American family?
What? What? What? What?

By your demonizing them into religious fervor. You detract from reality and therefore truth and facts. Rockefeller and the Kochs haven't summoned the warlocks from hell to cast spells on the people and curse the land. They sold them the idea the same as Madison Ave sells anti drug commercials. Their profits cursed the land, water and air polluting the place. While their Oxyrush trolls gossip to instill fear and anger in the shit kickers. The money is in perpetuating. not zero tolerance or legalizing... dude. So just put your Faux notepad away. Your pedestrian threats and juvenile ad hominum attacks are rather sad in a boring way.

Stop the War on Colombians!

Wall St and the G-20 run the Ganjawar as they do the Pentagon. The Free Mexican Air force bringing Americans Ganja for 50 years, is not the Colombian style cartels sending messages in blood or traditional ancestrial methods such as heads on a pole. As for the guvmint or the black guy you seem to think means liberal. They are just people, like lawyers winning cases. Gathering taxes Norqueer and the Dick Armey loves. The profits and maintaining dysfunction is the goal. The trillion spent went to tools of the trade. Blaming guvmint is a red herring diversion and unethical as the states catch 22's limiting amounts to less than can be legally grown by individuals. But putting rightful blame on Bush Inc. in or out of government office is necessary to expose their devious deeds. Obama is following bogus laws but he has no clout to write them behind the scenes. He has not done anything he was not authorized to do, as bogus as it is. Busting buyers clubs or arms deals in sting ops is what GOPerverts and Lipertopians thrive on.

Tell the NRA: ENOUGH!

NRA Slavery: Another Fine Product Still Made in the USA

Legalizers, Common Sense & Wrong Dollars

the_hopping_mad_flea's picture
the_hopping_mad_flea 6 years 28 weeks ago

I think we may be selectively ignoring enforcement in Texas, thats usually the way we handle things, I know people about 150 yards from my house make their own meth in a bottle with lithium batteries and stuff. Their neighbors have called Denton County on it plenty of times, but they won't come out 'cause there wouldn't be any quantity envolved, and so its not worth it. I had two volunteer plants come up in my front yard, but the sherrifs department kept turning around in my driveway, and they were getting about 5 feet tall, so I decided not to tempt fate. I just jerked 'em up and tossed over the fence on the COE property behind my house. They were males anyway, damn it...

the_hopping_mad_flea's picture
the_hopping_mad_flea 6 years 28 weeks ago

Now what? My purpose in life is very clear. To be happy, and help others, and if that includes bringing enlightenment, peace and prosperity into the world then please excuse the hell out of me.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 6 years 28 weeks ago
Quote tower7:

So , actually to the rich, who hire the the most brilliant minds, far smarter than Mr Hartmann or I or you will ever be, vew you as a truffle. A yes, a highly prized truffle, lying in the ground, waiting to be found, a fungible. Oh I'm so clever.

This short paragraph contains 4 lies- can anyone find them?

Since you don't know my IQ, how do you know how brilliant I am? Have you ever taken the WAIS Test? It gives you an international percentile, and I assure you the upper 1%, my rank, are not being employed by the 1% Rich. They avoid us like the plague.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 6 years 28 weeks ago

You haven't brought me a darn thing.

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