A. Primer on Understanding the Events of 9/11/2001

1. In 1947 the Boeing Aircraft company perfected the autopilot, which is in practically all aircraft today. This remarkable innovation would make it possible to remotely control the aircraft, from takoff, landing, and of course, flight.

2. Probably back in 1963 when George H.W. (Poppy) Bush was a measely GS 5 at the CIA, (wink wink), a senior agent took him aside and explained the elements of "plausable deniability"".

3. There is no evidence of a plane crash in Philadelphia on that date, else, there would be a museum with the remnants of proof. But there is a pond and a drainage ditch was sold to the public as the crash site, even though the pond and ditch were largely as they appeared on google earth prior to 9/11.

4. We know the flight path of the attack on the pentagon. It could not have been an airplane. The flight pattern of the assault would have ripped the plane completely apart. We think it had to be a Tomahawk missle, because of the Sherlock Holmes maxim: when all explanations fail, the answer however implausable, is the truth.

5. We only have the testimony of the owner of tower 7. He said, due to the enormous structural damage on the back side (all the pictures and movies you're ever shown depicts the street side, which looks fairly pristeen).

He said, "I gave the order to 'pull' it down..'. That meant to demolish it with controlled explosives, as all the world saw. And, that MEANT, it was already prepared to bring down, like a bride waiting for her groom. All the explosive engineers I ever heard testify claims thats a two week preparation job, so, Sherlock, it was all set up and ready to go. Plausable Deniability at work.

Methinks I not protest enough, and Thom Hartmann has had his testicles surgically removed.


nora's picture
nora 6 years 33 weeks ago

I can't figure out what part of which program's talk you're referring to, but would like to know.

Also, regarding damning information on 9/11: The part of the Pentagon that was hit with the missile was the accounting/records offices. So this means the day after Defense Secretary Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon couldn't account for jugillion$ in military spending, that office responsible was blown up.

Egad. And so a deadend to public accountability was created. And legal process is removed.

And THAT is the same thing that happened when World Trade Center Building Seven went down with all those SEC (Securities and Exchange) and other government office records -- POOF! went the Rule of Law accessing evidence.

the_hopping_mad_flea's picture
the_hopping_mad_flea 6 years 33 weeks ago

Oh actually (grin, pennsylvania countryside, not philadelphia (dumbass me), you must have missed it Friday, wasting time blathering about that particular sold in the media and bought by Thom that somehow a plane could totally dissapear after it crashed where they claim it crashed. I can't beleive we're such sheeple. There are no plane parts, bodies, nada. Listen, Thom won't say there is a conspiracy on ANYTHING because the rove machine would notice and start a campaign of branding him a kooky conspiracy theorist, ridiculing and deriding him, he knows this, Thom isn't stupid, it's his bread and butter to feed you a lake of truth in order to get you to drink a pint of his lies.

There is a conspiracy, and everybody knows damn well. The silent majority is silent because of the not-so-subtile influence of wall street, et al. People are too lazy to think for themselves and must rely on Thom because he seems to have the answers to something, what I'm not sure, it's illusery, discombobulated, and without some kind of viable plan for really helping people who can't afford cirrius or directv or internet. THey are going to watch Brian Williams, maybe for some perspective, which is everything is just rosey

nora's picture
nora 6 years 33 weeks ago

Thanks for responding. I'll look for it.

Regarding conspiracies--

I saw Thom in a video which looked like it was filmed in the late 1980s or early 1990s but I don't know maybe it was the mid-90s -- it was a video about the JFK assassination. I don't know the percentage of work Thom did on this book since he had a co-author but, hey, that was in the realm of Conspiracy Tracking (as a great blogger from another site used to call it).

Now Thom has discussed this book's research on his radio show. Thom's and his co-author's research and findings in this area of the JFK mystery -- which seems to be on-going -- gets VERY deep and convoluted from my perspective, and somehow all I come away with is that somehow the JFK assassination boils down to being the responsibility of his brother Bobby the attorney general -- that Bobby was naive and over-reached and was out of his league and got double-crossed somehow. And it seems like that is where the research LEADS in Thom's and his co-author's interpretation. But I don't think so. Shouldn't it LEAD TO THE DOUBLE CROSSER? Anyway, I don't feel comfortable with a storyline/conclusion that just makes Bobby look like a punkish jerk Castro assassination plotter who, on top of everything else, was part of making the assassination report into a truth squelching process. I'm still interested in the actual assassins and who assisted them. But that is just me.

I guess where I was going with this is, Thom seems to have early been in the conspiracy genre of book publishing. I am not sure if this book is the one Thom wrote first. Was it this book about the JFK assassination which purports to solve the JFK assassination conspiracy question that arises out of the bizarre Warren Report? How can he not be put in the category of someone who is curious about incidents (like the JFK assassination) for which the official explanation seems formulated to squelch the truth?

Wouldn't the excuse to put him down exist already if someone wanted to try to make Conspiracy/Truth Tracking look like a negative?

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