Eurika, my erudition and wood shedding paying off: Hart-mann, mmm, him capitalist, him play like him just out there to help folk. cave boy knows different. Cave boy has observed many strains of capitalist. Cave Boy knows major type of capitalist is the insane capitalist. This is the one who has more money than they could ever spend. Also known as the pathological capitalist, whose entire thought process is consumed with the bottom line, even getting ideas in her sleep about how to screw some poor bastard out of his next meal.

Hart-mann, him Vapid Capitalist .Him sell books, pretender on donated channel free speechaboutstuffweain'tgonnadoanythingaboutchannelwhataracket..

Vapid capitalist is just kinda wandering around, picking this, smelling of it, thinking, "will this make me a buck?", see vapids have no real direction, they're mostly concerned with their botton line, neurotically so, because they know once they start to ignore it, the goblins will come and carry them off to hell, because they've been way more concerned about beating somebody out of their money, whether it to write a book urging folk to organize so they can outbid Wall Street and the Koch Brothel and out bid them for next congress man. Cave Boy laugh deep belly laugh. Him like Hart-mann's endearing ways and how Hart-mann thinks he changes minds of rich folk. They didn't get rich listening to him, copying him? Maybe they use some of his ideas.

Everybody says you don't have bootstraps, they lie. You can't put out the bitter fruit and expect win friends and influence people. Being friendly is just a naturally good habit and combined with your brilliant intellect, which I know you have, you create SPIRITUAL EMPALTHY, which is a force multiplier of your success. So put on a happy face, and go get them Tiger, the only thing holding you back is Thom sending you up against Walmart. What a total waste of time.

Peace, not struggle, pay your fair share of taxes and don't grumble about it., and you and I, we'll be so happy :-)


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