Being that Random House has cancelled the Publication of the Upcoming Paula Deen's Cook Book whats next? They wont publish authors who use slurs in fiction books. Or reprint Huckaberry Finn? I've read many authors work used racial slurs in their books why accept their works but not Paula?


DdC's picture
DdC 6 years 11 weeks ago

Ah paleeeeeze spare us the crocodile tears. No one is sad because a wealthy southern fried dixie bell slurring racist comments doesn't get a book deal to teach more bad habits to Americans with obesity. A sad day in America? Where the hell you been hiding, under the rug? A sad day in America was when Nixon created the CSA and another was when he committed treason and was never held accountable for it. Or when Rayguns sabotaged the rescue attempt of the Iran Contra hostages. Same terrorists Bush dealt with supplying crack to the inner cities. And was never held accountable. Clinton higher education ax appeasing the reich wing was a sad day. When Clinton wrote the Patriot Ax Junior Boosh implemented was a sad day in America. Snubbing returning vets after shaking flags at them leaving is a sad day. Putting vets in prison for relieving their PTSD with Ganja is a sad time for all Americans. But paula butter queen not getting her book printed that is not any kind of special. Maybe if paula would learn how to write she wouldn't have to print her books.

I wouldn't worry about Paula making out. She has her own line of cooking utensils and is a spokesperson for several corporate food products. Her kids had their own food channel shows. Not sure if they are still on air but I don't think she'll be on food stamps soon. Maybe the CMT channel will pick up her show, or fox news might start a cooking segment. This will probably spur the Walmartians into book publishing. Not that she has cornered the market on obesity. Plenty more to keep up traditions of providing jobs to the health care industrial complex treating bad eating habits. To be fair, I've never heard her say anything racist and I have seen her bring several people of color onto her show. Not that I've actually sat through a full show, I have patients who watch. But they don't cook so they tell me what Paula is up too and I serve it without the transfats, gluton and extra butter and grease. What took place in private a decade ago is a tad hypocritical to fire someone over, but then since when is the food channel network liberal? They all serve fattening foods. I've written them about hemp seed and haven't seen a show on it yet. Politically correct corporatists. Selling their products the same as Paula.

Random House, Inc. is the U.S. division of Random House, the world's largest trade-book publisher, and is owned by Bertelsmann AG, one of the world's foremost media companies.

The media are both a business and a cultural asset. Whenever we create, bundle or disseminate media content and products, we fulfill important functions in society: to inform, entertain and educate. This is associated with a particular responsibility.

All of this goes to show that as a media company we deal with very specific issues of social responsibility. Our answers to this challenge can be found on the following pages.

Independence for diversity

Audience ratings, circulation, reach – for a large media company like Bertelsmann, these are not just key indicators of success. The higher the figures, the more likely they are to fuel suspicions of “manipulating” and “manufacturing” public opinion. We face up to this criticism – because we have a clear position: Bertelsmann is diversity.

This priority is even codified in the Bertelsmann Essentials. It is no coincidence that our core values give everyone at Bertelsmann a clear mandate: "We promote artistic freedom and freedom of thought, the protection of democracy and human rights, and the respect of traditions and cultural values. Consequently, the content we provide reflects a wide range of viewpoints and opinions."

Our customers’ expectations – diversity

Ultimately, the choices of empowered citizens have made Bertelsmann a leading media company. We cater to the tastes of our customers – anything else would hardly be entrepreneurial: minute after minute, millions of potential customers decide for or against one of our products: whether in bookstores, on their laptops, at newsstands or by wielding a remote control.

It would be impossible for us to please all of them with the same product – all the less so in an increasingly fragmented media world. As a large media company, we know that our customers have and appreciate a wide range of interests, opinions and positions. That is why we see it as our mandate – and challenge – to win them over with maximum diversity: “Who brings a lot, brings something that will pass”, as Goethe writes in “Faust.” Commercial success and diversity are not mutually exclusive. Quite the opposite: They are mutually conditional.

Edit PS: The first show I ever saw Paula Deen do was on PBS, with Roslyn and Jimmy Carter who apparently frequented her establishment. The show was done on Jimmy's farm in Plains.

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Truthseaker 6 years 11 weeks ago

Thank you for your comments Mr. Druggie. And also thank you for your cut and paste most of your piece here. So I ask you should we edit your views? or are they worth .12 cents at a dollar store?

DdC's picture
DdC 6 years 11 weeks ago

I don't do drugs ms asshole. Just Ganja and that is a plant. Something organic and natural. Oh you wouldn't know about that or at least not from pauli deen. The c&p only showed you that they are corporate publishers with a political correctness agenda so why are you surprised or even upset that they would toss a redneck good ole gal like her? I think you just like to whine. You can edit this, oh this forum doesn't post pictures of me giving you the finger. I think you'll have to sober up to splain the .12 cent crap.

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mathboy 6 years 11 weeks ago

You know that Huck Finn has already been bowdlerized, don't you? But when an author includes certain things in a work of fiction, it's not the same as someone expressing their own racism in real life.

Twain depicted things as they were; he didn't say he agreed with it. Paula Deen says the n-word and means it.

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Truthseaker 6 years 11 weeks ago

So, Mathboy how do you know she meant it? Did she tell you that? or Do you assume she meant it. To me Im very surpise their is so much things going on in the world and the media in this country speaks of this for several days. Why is that? To me report the news. Let me decide whats good or bad. KInda like President Obama forcing Government Run Health care which will cost Trillions of dollars and after its all said and done more part time employees and still 30 million without health care and what do they get the best health care and he leaves the best health care as the worst.

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Truthseaker 6 years 11 weeks ago

So if someone in the past calls someone the N-Word does it means everythng for her/him is ruin. Andf who is the judge of that. So I ask if you said something 30 years ago should I ruin your life too?

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Marsh In Florida 6 years 11 weeks ago

It's a good thing I read your comment mathboy, because I was mulling over saying almost the same exact thing. It's too bad there are people in this country who are so willing to overlook the horrors and the years of strife the negro community has endured. They (the so-called Truthseekers of this country), like the Supreme Court, believe their problems are now all gone so that those in this country who have a mind to can return to jerrymandering and writing laws that deprive them of their rights as American citizens to vote. It's too bad that they worry more about a lost income for a billionaire "loser" than they do about the college students who will now have to settle for student loans that are double what their predecessor students got loans for, and that banks get loans at rates as low as .025%. Where is your "heart-felt" concern for these people? Where is your concern for the people who are trying to support their families on little more than what is being paid in 3rd world countries? Where is your concern for the mountain tops that are being ripped off the beautiful Appalachian mountains and poisoning the waters below? Don't you think of anything else but Paula Dean?

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DdC 6 years 10 weeks ago
So, how do you know she meant it?

Have you ever been to the south? I've heard the word in grocery stores by middle aged redneck women not even thinking it was derogatory. When a woman entered the store with her child in arms. The redneck said out loud for all to hear. Oh look at that lil n... baby, they're so cute at that age. Then went on shopping. The woman nodded as if thanking her for the compliment. She meant it. She just doesn't have a problem with it as do many who actually believe they are superior. The point left out of the conversation 500 years is why is hate taught and why is racism handed down generation after generation. No one is born racist, it is taught through ignorance. It uses groups to usually divert attention. The plantation owners and Yankee's they traded with were pro slavery as anyone profiteering for cheap labor or less overhead. Koch's do it to millions of Americans, each costing 30-50 thousand a year with half in for non violent drug offenses. Then go bitch about a mother getting food stamps. .

Did she tell you that? or Do you assume she meant it.

How do you use the phrase and not mean it? I realize that is how republicans exist. But it seems you're trying to convince the public of it. In the real world you can't just use the Kyl excuse and say it wasn't meant to be taken factually.

To me Im very surpise their is so much things going on in the world and the media in this country speaks of this for several days. Why is that?

Shows how naive you really are. The corporate media sells stories that don't interfere with the agenda of making profits. Whatever sells the soap. Geesh.

To me report the news. Let me decide whats good or bad.

OK, but I really have no say in the matter. Talk to rupert or GE. On the other hand if you didn't just believe those in red suits and disbelieve those in blue. You could ascertain what both say and come to your own conclusions based on reality and the laws of physics. Not fuzzy math and silly label making.

KInda like President Obama forcing Government Run Health care which will cost Trillions of dollars and after its all said and done more part time employees and still 30 million without health care and what do they get the best health care and he leaves the best health care as the worst.

Kinda like nothing. Universal Health Care was bastardized into this Insurance profit scam out there. Blaming Obama and not the 1% fabricating this fascism is why it exists. You see the red flags and put sunglasses on.

So if someone in the past calls someone the N-Word does it means everythng for her/him is ruin. Andf who is the judge of that. So I ask if you said something 30 years ago should I ruin your life too?

You are the only one still confused over the issue. Food channel or the publishers live on perceptions. Not playing nice nice or accurately portraying someone. The comments came out in a sexual harassment trial. Nothing would have been made of it until Paula backed out of the interview and then tried you tubing her own interview. Looking pretty sad and guilty as hell. I knew when I first saw Paula she was a redneck and cooked redneck meals and I've eaten plenty of them to know they are tasty and fattening. I also assumed, like most of the south. She had strong roots of racism and when in her own element and friends wouldn't have a problem going back to the old ways. Its not rocket science to see a person acting for the money as to not acting. I'll say it again. As for Paula's cooking and joking about butter and cholesterol and then getting diabetes and still pushing the butter. So the politically correct Wall St does what it does. Not the liberals or obama. I still can't figure out rednecks sucking up to the rich and never getting anything but a scab wage and humiliation. Protesting health care hijacked by the insurance company the same deal as no bid contracts for Haliburdenonus. Protesting living wages, education, global warming, unemployment, legalizing hemp, taxing the rich, clean air and water. DMT is the world's most powerful hallucinogen and it is made by the human brain. Everybody's busted. Still it is not as whacked out as protesting clean air and water. Or healthy diets and organic non chemical, non man made synthetic frankenfud.

Now protesting the right to gluttony and fat without meddling politicians forcing doctors on them. Obama's faults are from appeasing republicans, not being liberal. GOP virtue man Bennett as drug czar/education secretary censored school books of hemp canvas and burlap. Covered wagons and gunny sacks were the wrong message to the kids. This is the guy getting rich selling books to rednecks on virtues and then losing 8 million in slot machines. As drug czar with a black budget losing 8 million and he still reports on fox. John Walters laundering money for Iran Contra as he does propaganda groups with his Philanthropy Roundtable. So much you haven't got a clue and yet come rushing to the rescue regardless of the facts. paula is a redneck. That is her choice and I have no problem with it. The food channel does. It is their investment at risk not yours. Maybe you should put up some money and hire paula to serve deep fried ice cream bars.

Here ya go sweetie...
Toke-A-Day May Keep Old Memory Functioning

Your memory problems and one track on-look of things is also a sign your cannabinoids are drying up. They tossed the Smothers Brothers off of the air for protesting the war. Olbermann for commenting on the war. Or Montel Williams for questioning Iraq even though he did speak of medicinal Ganja without incident. They fired Emerel without cause as far as I know. Ed Schultz was the latest removed for political correctness. How many have Fox removed for blatant falsehoods and liberal bashing. Hypocrites at Fox spying on emails and then getting flustered about the NSA? Years of drug war confiscations and forfeitures of property and not a peep out of the butter lovers. Tommy Chong removed from the 70's show for making glass art that looked like bongs, did 9 months while oxyrush gets busted doctor shopping hillbilly heroin, coerces his maid to buy it on the streets. Nothing. Wingnuts just make him richer. Laughing all the way to the bank after a day of herding the suckers who hate, and then cashing in on their vulnerability.

What they hate really doesn't matter. The lower the economy the more these profiteers earn. More hate in hard times. Protesting bank, environmental and workers safety regulations while advocating for more of the trillion tax dollars already spent on cannabis prohibition. Military and Prison Industries are multinational corporations with no allegiance to Americans. Just investments and dividends. Thanks to the war machine no one really expects sympathy for the spoiled Americans. Except the vast amount of those willing to kiss what ever ass needs it to get in. I've also found these imports are never questioning and keep a professional distance from patients to the point of either robotic or painful. High efficiency ratings and no rest or healing environments for the patients. Easier to send them home and start over in a few days when they return.

They sell poisons aborting pre-borns and creating asthmatic kids and their subsidiary sells the treatments. Chong was put on hiatus from the 70's show where they sit in the basement and fake smoke pot. Cannabis is not a sports enhancing drug and yet how many careers have been ruined with piss test entrapment. Ricky Williams and Michael Phelps. But not Ronnie Rayguns selling cigarettes or George Bush's fathers war crimes arrest for laundering money for Hitler. Talk about political correctness when Rayguns was a b actor studio's could tell women how to look, who to see and what to say in public. Even ban them from marriage by legal contract over ruling the Constitution in their minds. Corporations think they can steal your piss that has no accuracy or factual base with inebriation. Politically correct and profits for mostly prohibitionists selling whiz quizzes. Yet how many have lost there jobs over what they may have done weeks before? "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." and too bias. Obama's problem is he is too republican, not too liberal.

I think when I add on to this post I'll have to use Paula as an example of how trivial and hypocritical republicans actually are. Worrying about her free speech after watching Americans lose theirs for 40 years without a peep.

Now They're Coming For The 1st?

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Laborisgood 6 years 10 weeks ago

Funny thing about truth seeking, you never know where it may lead you:

Truth is, Obama is a moderate Republican by any honest measure. That truth will stand the test of time regardless of what the right-wing fringe says to the contrary.

Can't hide that light under your bushel basket Ms Seeker (please note the correct spelling of the word seeker). Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

RIP Bobby Bland:

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