The military; private job creators; Big Pharma; Real Estate; the dollar bill; banks; Upper income people; health care providers; Income and property tax cuts; Better education; pieces of land in central America; credit checks; sports; the Bible; Music; the televised media; PBS; hot and cold weather; the internet; some words; fossils, pet food; boarders; the Constitution and did I miss anything...please add to my list.


William King's picture
William King 5 years 24 weeks ago

Dang that rant would make Rush Limbaugh blush!

Truthseaker's picture
Truthseaker 5 years 24 weeks ago

Ive only listen to him only once, but hearing from many progessives on the radio and TV, it sure sounds like they dislike America but when asked to leave they remain here.

SueN's picture
SueN 5 years 24 weeks ago

Truthseaker, please do not post flames. They are not welcome here.

Roland369 5 years 24 weeks ago

Someone who hates America would try to destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights with the NDAA and Patriot Acts.

Those who are whistleblowers who expose corporate and government wrong doing, do not hate America, on the contrary, they are showing that they care about what happens to this country.

Liberals and Progressives, are few in number in congress, and do NOT hate this country. They assemble and use the freedom of speech to seek a redress of grievance that is granted them in the Constitution. I am not sure if you understand the definition of a Liberal or Progressive; much less understand what we stand for. Have you ever served in the Armed Forces? Would you say that a Vietnam Vet hated this country, when he came home to protest a war based upon body count? Well, I am one of those who served in that war, and after 6 months in-country, realized we were fighting it all wrong, so after my tour of duty (‘66-‘67), I came home and joined the anti-war movement. I guess you would classify that as hating America.

I wish you would cite the radio and TV personalities you are referring to as being Liberal Progressives who “hate” America! I have listened to some of what is classified as news talk radio, and the majority seemed to be owned and operated by the right wing.

And why should those who are voicing criticism of U.S. government policy leave? I guess you think those who click their heels and “Seig Heil” everything the government does is a true patriotic American. Actually you are 180 degrees WRONG! It’s those who have the courage to speak out that are the true American patriots. Those who remain silent are acquiescing their Constitutional right to freedom of speech, and allowing policies to be committed in their name that run contrary to the Constitution.

So before you open your mouth and give away your ignorance, please do some serious research on the issues that have transpired since 2000. Otherwise anyone who reads your stuff is wasting their time.

Robindell's picture
Robindell 5 years 24 weeks ago

Conservatives hate things, too. These include, average people being able to receive health care without having to file for bankruptcy, the disabled, other Americans with whom they disagree, car manufacturers which are regulated in such a way that they would make cars that do not kill people by speeding up suddenly or having faulty ignitition switches that get stuck, and anyone who trades stock other than frequent traders who it has been shown by a certain author by the last name of Lewis have rigged the stock markets. If right wing reactionaries were left to have their way, their hysterical comments would eventually devolve into the setting up of concentration camps to detain and even eliminate the sick, the disabled, and the poor, because having people suffer in public after necessary programs are cut would prove too politically embarassing. Hatred has been expressed on Fox toward poor people, based on lies and, as Roland369 states above, ignorance, which they play to. Even though Christian conservatives often express support for Israel, what they don't say is that in actuality, they hate the Jews and are in agreement with Hitler and the Nazis, and believe that the less fortunate deserve a similar fate. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin who has been voted in by the Cheeseheads of Southeast Wisconsin, is a right wing reactionary who wants to give tax cuts to the rich and harm the sick, disabled, and poor, even though he himself was able to attend college because of his eligibility to receive Social Security surviors benefits. Ryan has expressed agreement with the thesis of the academicaly discredited book, The Bell Curve, by Richard Hernnstein and Charles Murray, which claimed that blacks have a lower I.Q. on average than do whites, and so it is a waste to help them academically. Many Republicans speak against corporate regulation; what they don't tell you is that they believe this stance helps them get campaign contributions from companies and from lobbyists, and or helps further their careers in the even they leave Congress, and that they hate most ordinary Americans and want to see them smashed up in car accidents caused by unsafe vehicles.

Laborisgood's picture
Laborisgood 5 years 24 weeks ago

Any good liberal should not be so hateful. There's enough of that to spare from conservatives.

The truth is, this liberal really doesn't like false testimony from an obvious troller whose avatar has become younger and prettier than their previous avatar, yet the same old ugliness still oozes from your pores. Truthseaker, do you not know that the word used to imply someone who "attempts to find" is spelled seeker and not seaker. Incorrectly spelling words is an honest mistake and what someone has to say takes precedence over how they say it, but to not spell your own name correctly implies a certain amount of self loathing or absolute ignorance which helps explain this post and all of your previous posts. Just admit it, truth is not what you seek.

How about a list of all the things conservatives love?

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