As a someone who listens to Old Time Radio from time to time, one of the more "informative" programs that filled the air waves from forties to the early fifties was Quiz Kids, a group of very bright, intelligent young people from the Chicago are who were given questions that were sent in by listeners across the States. They dealt with a range of subjects and usually the kids, all under fifteen years old, most of them answered them deftly. Some of them were historical, some of them were scientific, and there were a few questions about sports, as well.

My one impression is that it would be harder to find those young people, even in this age where knowledge come to us with the speed of light, as it were. The past gets buried so quickly, that events that occured juat a few weeks ago is "no-news" any more. Heck, people forget how Bush, for instance was willing to sell the rights to management of the major ports along the East Coast to a wholly owned subsidiary of a foreign government. It took a leak to prevent it from happening! Tell a Tea Bagger that, and they will say its Leftist propaganda. What can I tell ya'

What would happen if there was such a program, where exceptionally bring young people were to reply to questions sent in by the American public that dealt with otherwise trivial issues. Considering the way the news flows, nothing is trivial. Before Katrina who thought of Lousiana, or New Orleans other than a place to go for a vacation, or Florida was a place you bought a retirement home and lived there, rather than where the winters were cold, and summers often brought you showers. Foreign countries that were far way places might acquire more meaning than just names of cities and regions on maps that most people never see.

How could Fox continue to present their info-news every night anymore. The viewers already knew something that a Quiz Kid of today might have told them already.

Any impressions of how that would go, if one of the networks might allow the idea to reach the marketplace of programming.


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