I know Trump's supporters are out there and only supporting him because of the ridiculous things he is saying but what if he wasn't in the race? Would some of these same people be supporting Sanders right now because they are sick of establishment politics?

Is that why Trump entered the race to begin with? To help insure Sanders didn't win the election by taking potential supporters away?


stabilizer's picture
stabilizer 3 years 25 weeks ago

I talk to a lot of Repubs. Many have said if given a choice between Trump ot Bernie, they will vote for Bernie. However, remember all Repub elected officials work ceaselessly to harm the very people who voted for them, so Repub voters clearly never consider facts or reality. They they literally do not know what the people they elect do, only what they shout. Repub propaganda constantly shouts "government doesn't work" and "all politicians are bad". It's no surprise that Repub voters will do as trained - vote for candidates they perceive as "not politicians". They actually view Bernie as a "not politician" when in fact that's about all he's ever done.

It's like climate change, you cannot achieve understanding of Repub voters with logic and reason or with facts. You have to think very shallowly, in terms of slogans and stereotypes, to understand them.

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Doolittle2 3 years 25 weeks ago

My guess is there's a fair number of Trump supporters who still long for the days of Ron Paul, and got mad watching how his son failed to measure up. I'm not sure how that'd translate into Bernie support in any sort of mass scale, though

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