Many tests have been done on Gaia’s state-of-being, and they all come back ‘positive’.

Our one and only Mother Earth is sicker than hell, so ill that her ability to properly care for her wide variety of children is rapidly failing; and it is clear that her most celebrated species is to blame. Identifying the culprit doesn’t automatically fix the problem.

Mom, I think that you should seriously consider birth control. Selective birth control (stop making humans); the rationale being that letting the humans fade will stop the progression of your ills so that you may continue to nurture your many other expressions of life, and even become healthy and whole again for your own sake.

Or maybe not.

The insanity expressed as/by your human children has gone so far off the rails that this destructive race has become ‘Too Big to Fail’ [without serious repercussions].

Just one example:

Humans will be needed just to oversee the cooling systems of the over 450 nuclear reactors ‘round your body - for ever.

Dear Mom Earth,

I know that you care deeply for all your children, and that much harm will be done to all, as reactors meltdown… what a pickle you are in Mom; your many innocuous kids being held hostage by the ‘no way out’ conundrum instituted by your ‘high-excelling’/’special needs’ kids (the ones with recognizable high intellect but low wisdom).

As for your Humans; I figure we all appreciate your sustaining support which makes our animation possible; though many of us never recognize your selflessness consciously. Just speaking for my own little self; I love you; I honor you; I know that am allowed to ‘be’, only because of your generosity. I apologize for every insult to your unwavering love which I have committed and the insults undoubtedly yet to come. If you can continue to forgive, I’ll humbly accept, if not, well, I can’t complain.

I pray that you fully recover from your ‘Human Experience’. I pray that we all do.

Here’s to a healthy Planet populated with healthy/sane beings…

Happy Earth Day Pachamama!

Happy Earth Day everyone.




Jeebbo's picture
Jeebbo 3 years 39 weeks ago

Billy, this is not related to your post, but I notice from your login that you are apparently vegan. I have a question I've long wanted to ask a vegan. Why is the word "vegan" pronounced the way it is? I think EVERYBODY mispronounces that word. Vegans don't eat VEE-guh-tables, they eat VEH-juh-tables. They're not like VEE-guh-tarians, they're like VEH-juh-tarians. Therefore, they/re not VEE-guhns, they're VEH-juhns. I think I am the only person who pronounces that word correctly. -- Ron

P.S. -- In case you're wondering, I'm an omnivore.

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