The NFL and other sports venues have traditional used the National Anthem on game day to signal the onset of The Game. What certainly has been lost in today's sports world is the" love of the game". What we have today is big business, where players receive on the average of two and a half million dollars a season and each team worth in the excess of billions of dollars. We see in today's sports a team filled athletes taking muscle enhancing drugs, players accused of rape, child beating, a player knocking his girlfriend out in an elevator and a quarterback cheating the game to win. The National Anthem should stand for courage, bravery and yes patriotism, a patriotism to the ideals that make this Country great-Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Kapernick is a hero, he is protesting a great injustice to those much treasured ideals. The


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zapdam. 3 years 20 weeks ago


Spoiled rotten millionaires playing for arrogant pompous billionaires who through bully tactics getting the public purse to pay for the multimillion dollar stadiums, communities that barely afford to fix their roads or infrastructure.

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TomDorr 3 years 20 weeks ago

It's entertainment. People buy the products advertised on the broadcasts, and pay lots of money, and even seat licenses, to fill the stadiums.

As in baseball and basketball also, the athletes are not representative of the city, as they used to be, but are mercenary "mini-franchises". There are a few exceptions, but most trade fan loyalty for the money or, in the case of basketball, "a chance at the ring".

Aven more irritating is how these athletes will prance and "vogue" and strut and taunt simply for making the plays they are paid (handsomely) to do.

Then you have the goof balls that think they are intellectually so gifted and wise that they feel compelled to lecture us on politics and current affairs. This just shows how inflated and misguided their perceptions and egos are.

As long as people fill the seats and sofas, and try to live vicariously through their "heroes" by wearing their overpriced jerseys or Chinese sneakers, this will continue.

( It's amazing the number of fools that, for example, wear the benchwarmer Kaepernick's jersey to make a statement of some type, but really only line the coffers of NFL executives and arrogant performers.)

Its all entertainment

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zapdam. 3 years 20 weeks ago


If these stadiums are such money generators, why don't these billionaires pick up the tap, surely they are the ones that profit mostly from these franchises. Why should an already overtaxed under serviced public pick up the cheque for billionaires .anyways this is always the bullshit story these franchises tell an emotional public to get a relatively free ride on the public purse strings.

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TomDorr 3 years 20 weeks ago


The cities themselves and their political leaders want these stadiums as an "ego: issue;" for the prestige.

Also, these teams usually reserve some "superboxes" for the politicians, and promise "sideline passes" for them.

In Philadelphia, these perks are highly sought after.

Woe be it to any Philadelphia mayor who allows a sports team to leave the city for lack of stadium assistance.

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zapdam. 3 years 20 weeks ago


Ego's, bragging rights for sure and tax dollars get diverted to these sports palaces instead of much needed infrastructure. In the mean time spoiled millionaire athletes ,make billionaires even richer and celebrities at the expense of priorities,since while much needed social programs remain underfunded.

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