There seems to be a lack of communication as well as understanding between the average person and the representative’s that are elected.

At this very moment in time the largest economic disparity as well as political disparity exists in the history of this country, which is nothing less than corrosive to our system of democracy.

We have a conservative majority supreme court that feel’s corporations have the same rights as citizens, I still can’t figure that one out, however it is difficult anyway to respect an individual that cannot be held accountable for their actions. I cannot find a professor that can tell me how the Citizens United case makes any sense, let alone we now have that same said majority in the court considering the issue against the people getting together to file any class action suits against corporations.

I cannot tell you how much of a setback this is for every free women or man in this country.

The Citizens United Ruling paves the way for more money to be poured into the system without disclosure is intended to counter any future grassroots movement of ordinary people who are unable to afford to compete against a corporation.

The People's Republic of China whose leader we now refer to as President ‘a preferred term since entry in the WTO and because of the spin from our corporate owned media’, is interesting!

China legally should be excluded from membership into the WTO, yet continues to take advantage of our corrupt politician’s greed at behest of the same unpatriotic corporate elite leaders that direct the politicians to borrow the necessary funds in order to involve this country in a war that makes no sense.

Not only do I believe that China should be excluded from the WTO, but now ‘as a result from its lending influence throughout the world’ has succeeded in getting the rules committee of the WTO to change a ruling in their favor that involves illegal dumping.

This country already has a trade imbalance that will not be address because of the corruptibility of our political representative’s, the ‘Winner Take All’ model is ‘unsustainable’, a majority has to do with our political leader’s working for the benefit of the large corporations as opposed to the individual that has elected them. Politicians do not pay attention to voters they pay attention to the large groups that can finance their own careers, and is progressively getting worse.

Whatever happens outside of this country is of corporate interest, not democratic interest, as we are lead to believe. I really love the way the politicians and corporate elite switch back and forth between the term Democracy and Capitalism as if they are the same thing, it is NOT!

I suspect that the larger picture is one of control that the largest corporations have on the economy as a result will allow the revenue to dry up, then foster several arguments that we no longer have the funds necessary to meet our domestic obligations in terms of aid and programs, while foreign aid will continue to flow without restriction at the same time borrowing additional funds for two corporate wars that only enrich the military industry as well as the same Unpatriotic Corporate leaders that outsource our jobs want Capitalism’Oohhhh excuse me ‘DEMOCRACY’ in that area, but not replenish the loss in revenue from the outsourced jobs with the profits because of much needed tax reform law that our corrupt politicians refuse to address.

This never ending enough profit mentality and not paying the much-needed taxes that are needed to replenish the losses in revenue from outsourcing our assets I submit is unsustainable for the future generation of this country if we are to continue on the current path of this present day globalization model.


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