Well I had hoped that the President would have given some relief to the outrageous school loan amounts. Not really the case at all. Because the people that really need, it will not see it at all.

The plan, to be implemented by executive authority alone, allows some 1.6 million students to cap their loan payments at 10 percent of their discretionary income starting in 2012. It also forgives the balance of student loans after 20 years of payments. Current law allows students to limit loan payments to 15 percent of income, forgiving debt after 25 years of payments, though few students are aware of this option.

First of all, you have to have a job. Second, if you miss a payment your still subject to outrageous fees, then two more missed payments you are at risk of default then have to start all over through a probationary period, provided you have a job.

Everything that is being addressed by the administration has to do with people that are working there is nothing out there for recent grads or soon to be, or really people not working because of their job being eliminated as a result of the attack on the middle class by the Multi National Chamber of Commerce, all part of the New Normal in which this administration believe in, which is in direct contrast of why we elected this administration in the first place.

It is a shame and a perfect example of a corrupt political society that this is the only country ‘because of the puppet politicians that are controlled by lobbyists’ that regards education and health care as a business for profit.

I still see no change in the Multi National corporate path, only lip service. We really need to get the money out of politics, I mean everyone needs to do something how little or big does not matter as long as we do something, please think of something you can do.

I call it like I see it, I do not let the corporate media spin me, nor do I let Ed spin me. Obama ran his campaign left of center.

However, He ran his administration right of center.

Romney is running down the center, slightly to the right. No surprise to me that Karl Rove appears to be pulling Romney to the center for the Independent vote, but the independent vote is actually left of center.

This leaves the President’s advisors in a bad situation, they may have to actually do something for the people that does involve a corporate balance,’ win/win situation’ is what I believe you corporate people like to refer to it as. Well this time Mr. President you may have to get off your corporate horse for a moment and down with the people and create a win/lose situation where the people come out ahead and the corporations actually suffer a loss.

I know it a shame, ’the independent vote is a tricky thing’ but it is even a bigger shame if you have to admit that you were wrong in not addressing these issues the very first day you took office.


teton's picture
teton 8 years 13 weeks ago

Very typical of the stuff Obamma does. They just don't work. His presidency is toast. Don't vote for the Dems ever again.

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