I just heard Randi Rhodes talking about a Virus that was used in Durham (NC, I think) that may have been responsible for tweaking people's Motor-Voter Registration. The process which allows people to register to vote at the DMV, and then that information is sent to the local Registrars' office for processing. While this in itself does not change a Vote, it does set people up to have to use provisional Ballots which can then be used, or thrown out. Depending on the state you live in.

After sending this letter to Randi Rhodes to share my experience as a Poll Worker during the 2016 Election Season, I thought I would post it here as well, in the hopes Thom will pick this up and run with it.

In 2016, I worked as a Poll Volunteer both for the California Primary and General Election, and I took notes as to the end of each night's totals, and I noticed that the percentage of Provisional Ballots went from 6% in the primary race, to over 28% in the General.

There were so many Provisional Ballots at my precinct, that we actually ran out of Bar Code stickers, and so I had to hand write 20+ digit long numbers on the bottom of the Ballot envelopes, for almost a hundred people. In total there were 189 Provisional Ballots Cast out of 699 votes cast at my precinct. Compared to a measly 30 out of 400 (7.5%) Ballots casted during the Primary Election.

I am confident the up tick in Provisional Ballots has something to do with the Virus Randi Rhodes spoke about today, because part of my job when preparing the Provisional Ballot was to add a note as to why the Provisional Ballot was necessary, in lieu of a regular ballot. When asked, 80% of the people I questioned all said they had Registered at the DMV and did not understand why their names were not included on the Registered Voter's Roster.

What made it even more ominous was that there were also Husbands and Wives, and other family members from the same household, who voted just fine in the Primary, but when they returned for the General, suddenly, one or more family members, who had not moved or anything, were mysteriously not registered. Their names were simply not on the Roster and they would be given a Provisional Ballot.

Suffice it to say, there were hundreds of people, from 8 a.m.. to 8 p.m.. cursing at me and the other Poll Workers, out of suspicion that I was personally trying to disenfranchise them. Which was far from the truth. Unfortunately, if someone's name does not appear on the Roster, there is nothing I, or any of the pother volunteers can do, except give the Voter a Provisional Ballot.

Now, before you say, "But Hillary won California" Yes, I know that is true. However, on the night of the Election, after I had packed up and locked up the Voting Poll, I got in my car and turned on the radio, and before I could exit the Parking lot, there were Pundits literally hinting that Trump would win California.

I kid you not, I slammed on the breaks, with my car half way out the parking lot and into the street and yelled at the Radio, "What the fuck are you talking about? We haven't even finished counting the Votes yet." I knew then realized that whatever numbers the News was pundits were looking at, did not include the Provisional Ballots, because those particular Ballots had yet to be counted by our local County Registrar. At least 28% of the votes from my Precinct were sitting in my Poll Captain's Car at the time, and I knew that to be the case for every other Voting Poll in California as well. I knew any calling of California for Trump was just wishful thinking.

As soon as I arrived home, I went to the Secretary of State of California Website, and low and behold, the initial electronic tally of the votes did look favorable for Donal Trump. I can't tell you how much my heart sank at the time. However, I knew in the back of my mind there was still a glimmer of hope for Clinton with those Provisional Ballots.

Well, to make this long story short (not), over the course of a few days, as our Democratic Governor, Jerry Brown led the charge to make sure every vote was counted, the Provisional Ballot count for Hillary Clinton began to put her ahead. So far ahead, that by the time it was all said-and-done, she had nearly 3 Million more Votes than her opponent. While it was a sigh of relief for myself and every other California of sound mind, I marveled as to how many Republican controlled States seem to finalize their vote counts the same night, almost as if they had not a single Provisional Ballot. We know now however, via the efforts of Jill Stein, that many of the Red States did NOT count their Provisional Ballots. Some even have passed Laws prohibiting such.

I closing, I believe the Russian Virus, in conjunction with Interstate Crosscheck (see Kris Kobach) which also purged Voters from the Voter Registration Rolls prior to election day, both played a pivotal roll in affecting the results of the 2016 Election.

The current 45th Resident of the United States won several G.O.P. Controlled States by a margin of less than 1%. The number of Voters purged, and/or forced to submit Provisional Ballots in many of those same States, was in the ten of thousands.

If we, as a nation, do not address this issue, and make a change to ensure shenanigans such as what happened this past November 8, 2016, then Democracy is doomed, and Fascism will rise again.

Best regards,

Kurt From Cali


ronsears 36 weeks 5 days ago


Thank-you for the first hand report and detail.

All I can contribute at this point is the thought that all this voter suppression and fraud is setting up the conditions for a massive swing to the Progressive left. The tide has been held back for so long that, when it breaks loose, it will quickly sweep away the political power of these criminals.

Meantime, one of the things we can do is work to get even more overwhelming numbers of folks registered (especially younger voters) and then set up procedures to insure their registration is still valid just before each election.

Another is to push for local auditable paper ballots or voting by mail for every district we can.

As an old guy, one of my major ambitions is to live long enough to see the day when these leeches on our Democracy are systemically locked out forever.

All the best, Ron

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