The worst thing that George Bush did —to which people continue to be oblivious of— has been visible from his first appearance in the campaign parade for the republican nomination of its presidential candidate for the 2000 election. Its visibility has grown exponentially... yet it appears that nobody seems to even notice it.

It's time to acknowledge the motivation of those that fought to get George W. Bush elected — including his "appointment" by The Supreme Court... who had absolutely no right (i.e. power granted by The Constitution)... to do what they did — and sadly— being aspartame-ized... we let them do it. They chose the guy with the greatest ability to accomplish what had to be accomplished in order to meet their goals.

With a mild immersion into the belief that there is a reason that things happen... through hindsight... it's possible to deduce what the goal was by observing what actually happened. They clearly picked the right man for the job!


If your goal was to take over the government (a coup)... efficiently and economically... that's a really clever game plan.

In reality... that's how George W. Bush opened The Gates of Hell. Contrary to popular belief... the damage Bush's War did in the Middle East would —because of the magnitude of the damage he did to America— be called collateral damage.

There is no need to go out of your way to witness the reality of this most destructive accomplishment of George W. Bush who —as The President of the United States— held the world's largest megaphone in his hand. It's clear as day if you just PAY ATTENTION!

Go to YouTube... pick any video of an arguable topic. You don't have to actually watch the video. Just read the comments... then you decide on the validity of this perspective. By being out... stupid is in!

Keep in mind... regardless of what any individual posts... collectively, the people that write these comments are the same people that voted to put the current crop of legislators in positions of power.

  • I know of no formal study that would allow this extrapolation. However... it seems to be reasonable. Besides... this is America and I can say whatever I want to say.

YouTube — read the comments. You might not be able to see it from the bubble you live in —but— this is America. Jus sayin' — no judgement... just an observation.


Ozark Matt's picture
Ozark Matt 4 years 3 weeks ago

Bush did tons of cocaine and strippers and later hid behind Jesus.

Jesus and the GOP make people stupid.

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