Yesterday I heard a caller ask Thom why he didnt go on mainstream TV all that often. She asked him to be in Bill Maher's show, MSNBC etc. Then Thom went on to explain how he used to do FOX but it took too much time away from him, which is understandable. However, and this is not to meant all the messaging responsibility on Thom, who already does more than enough for the progressive cause, to perhaps maybe, the next time he has a book out for example, go into TV shows with a wider audience and talk for example about the Jude Wanniski memo, which he later went on to say in the same show "it would destroy the Republican Party". Thom has a plattform few of us has, and if he really believes this would "destroy" the GOP, then he probably should take it upon himself as a duty to speak of such things a bit more often to a "mainstream" audience, I know I would. Thom has an ability to explain progressive issues which most democrats on Washington lack. I do my best to "spread the gospel", but when i tell people what i learn on Thom's show they often look at me as if i was nuts just because they had not heard about it on mainstream tv. I think im not alone when i ask maybe for an appearance on Bill Maher's show, Maddow, and Keith Olbermann. NOTE these are NOT really mainstream, as they are in cable, and very liberal, but its a start. If he could do the Today Show, or the View, then that would be icing on the progressive cake. But just getting the ball rolling ,and blowing the mind out of some listeners, people that pay little attention of how they've been duped, would perhaps replicate into something greater. Again, I dont believe Thom Hartmann bears this responsibility AT ALL, it just would be nice (and cool) to see him in a bigger stage.


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