So I had this thought today. Large corporations are basically a person that has a well defined Id and in some cases Ego but no Super Ego.

Many people argue that corporations act only to make profit. Therefore they aren't evil just neutral. They say we shouldn't expect them to do anything altruistic and we can't blame them too much when they do something wrong.

Using classical Freudian theory that is a very well developed Id. If you replace the pleasure principle with profit motive it matches perfectly.

Of course that version of a corporation is only useful in an economic model. In reality large corporations act in their best interest to gain profit and avoid going to jail/ dealing with bad PR. They deal with the real constraints the world places on them in the easiest way to insure maximum pleasure/ profit. There is your Ego

They do not however progress beyond the ego. There is no greater sense of self, community or responsibility that forms the Super Ego.

Oddly enough people who grant large corporations a pass on benevolence are the same ones that call for an unregulated free market.

That's like saying I let my kid eat whatever he wants because he only does the things he likes.

I think we can all agree it's not ok to only eat ice cream for breakfast.


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