This is a GOOD one !

My Mother , an Extreme Reagan Loving Obama HATING Republican just turned 65...

Is now getting Soc. Sec. Medicare / Caid

Wants an increase or raise in her social security?!?

I've already told her that, in order to make me proud of her, she needs to reject SS Medicare / Aide

I think that got deleted, she wants to be a republican and socialist but incognito?

Now how can I tell her without dis-owning me that she is no different than the welfare grabbers that she ABHORS ?

Kinda like a water-cooler war?


Wild Bill


Zenzoe 9 years 4 weeks ago

Wild Bill, I can SO relate.

Aren't they amazing? One half of my family is Republican, and that half is a pack of hypocrites. Did they mind that my parents lived off of Social Security to the end? Not at all. They loved it.

Do they support—believe me they could— the one family member who is "pro-life," but who is single and unemployed and insists on having unprotected sex and then living off the State of California when two babies by two different fathers are born to her? (Not that I would want the children to suffer for their mother's bad judgment.) No! They are perfectly happy to let the State be the responsible party.

And then they vote for Republicans and, therefore, against the very programs that they depend upon!

Wildbillvms's picture
Wildbillvms 8 years 51 weeks ago

I have cousin in the US Navy - She is a drill Sgt. - and a Libertarian She is a Rand and Ron Paul fan . And of course she believes there should be less Govt.? Being In the military , she "Is" the govt. ain;t she? Hmmm She thinks we should have less of her?

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