This is the one time I have to agree with him.

Skin color should have NOTHING to do with preferential treatment.

Income sure. give people with low incomes a better chance, including white people.

Wealth sure. No free rides for the wealthy.

Character sure. Unlike public schools through High School, it is a privilage to go to College, not a right.

SAT Score absolutely the most important factor.

Here's the thing. the civil Rights guy is spouting off about how bad these races have it yet every time I look at the sports or celebrity news all I see are black millionnaires as atheletes and rap moguls. It is my contention that there are more white folks at the bottom of the food chain than any minority group. I am all for helping the needy, but not based on skin color.


Robindell's picture
Robindell 5 years 29 weeks ago

Blacks overall have a higher unemployment rate and a lower average income than do whites. African American males have a higher incarceration rate than do whites as a percentage of their representation. Prejudice against a whole group of people based on stars or sports figures seen on T.V. is not the kind of thinking that a real college graduate would use. The blacks who get into pretigious universities with some consideration given to their race are more likely to come from middle class families than working class or low-income families, so racial preference or consideration are not doing much to help poorer blacks to gain admission to college, and therefore the whole issue is sort of a moot point.

William King's picture
William King 5 years 29 weeks ago

So you reinforce my views in an offhanded way. Doesn't matter. No I don't base my views of the whole black society on a few sports figures or celebs, but the NFL and NBA are comprised of 78% black and 65% black and blacks represent 13% of the population. There is no race limiting factor on sports, just the abilities of the players. I agree with this. Rap I don't like, but if they can make a buck fine, however I miss the rock that came out of the 70s. To be fair I don't like heavy metal or punk either, but it seems rap has become the genre for this generation.

Back to the issue at hand, you can't have it both ways.

Not to be confused with discriminatory hiring or college admision, which is wrong and IS enforced. Racial preference has no place in our legal system.

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