Big money waterboys Boehner & Co. flip off teabaggers in favor of rewarding wealthy contributors by extending Bu$h tax credits for the rich.

Exactly how does this creates jobs or reduce the deficit ? Contrived spin forthcoming.


GOP wastes no time betraying the tea party.


crankylady's picture
crankylady 8 years 42 weeks ago

Why are you surprised????

At our house GOP stands for the "Guardians of Privilege"

Why do people allow these horrid liars to get away with the lies? If I hear 1 more idiot say the government does not provide jobs I will scream (or maybe take Sharron Angles advice on the 2nd Admendment Solution)( another idiot heard from)

When the government contracts to build a road or a bridge or a water plant or any other project they can NOT outsource the work. Hard to send a bridge to China. That provides jobs. When we let the greedy businessmen and poli-trash (politicians) keep more and more money they do NOT create jobs for any American. thy outsource everything. I am very old and seldom go to any store except the grocery store but recently I went into a very small department store.
The only thing I saw made in the USA was chewing gum. Hell even Hershey bars are now made in Mexico. Oh well I amn very old so will maybe just die before they can give me a heart attack from being so angry at all the stupid people.

writerofwrongs's picture
writerofwrongs 8 years 41 weeks ago

If the government were to somehow provide jobs. the same people would be yelling " nanny state " .

I cannot believe the same bunch of supply side trickle down leftovers from the bush era, are back with their itenarary in hand, even though they're not entitled to take control in their various capacities until after January 1st. To me it seems almost like a bloodless takeover of government.

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