If money is speech, then speak for the most vulnerable or least of us - or just shut up (!)

Americans are beginning to 'take it to the streets' (occupying Wall Street). Where have y'all been (on your cell phones)?

Practice and Purpose...

Getting our heads above water over a couple of years has stalled, but our want has not.. The Stimulus money has been used up by plugging budget gaps (Christie, Perry) and saving jobs, as well as by promoting private industry (lowest taxes in decades); while some governors have slashed government jobs (to compensate?). Not only CAN we grow (if Republicans stop thumbing the scales), but we MUST continue to build for the future and find a more mature "social identity" that blends private and public institutions into a force to be reckoned with (!?). Using democracy to nurture a more equitable, civilized/cooperative, prosperous, and efficient, union/government is not objectionable (!). No more excuses ("uncertainty" - business is risk, has done well, and is not made unsure by investments that bring customers to their enterprises, "regulation" - Dodd-Frank is mostly moderate and only burdens the deceptive or corrupt, "taxes" - lowest civic responsibility asked in half a decade and taxing is not an "attack" but a privilege); just work on the Jobs Act; rather than just disparaging it, I say (!) We are U.S. (strongest and best together); we won't settle for less (austerity), we are brave (un-terrorized), we cannot turn back to "trickle-down" piracy, we can choose between unity and uniformity, between humanity and rigid observances, between hateful/vengeful warring and "national guard", between past faults and future promise. We must consistently resist/reject the belligerence, inhumanity, usery/greed, and irrationality of the neo-con libertarian-ist fringe (!)The greedy corporate financier is not your best friend - low wages, no civil rights, inadequate (unregulated and unresponsive) services and outsourcing are not good for us - and what the argument against the Sherman Act was, I forget...

Moving from the virtual to the actual is a fluid but diluted process, and I wonder why we expect that the more familiar (solid?) sorts of political "willing" will form from the perturbation of social sentiment that prevails. The "echo chambers", to my ear, too often repeat discredited notions, such as "the economy is worse" (than 2008?, really?). The "war on terrorism", for instance, is a ubiquitous and perpetual morass we only imagine we can wage, but is repeated as mantra. Whereas the "war on Al Quaeda" (and other organized crime) can be fought with both military and sociological means. There has always been a "war" on crime (national or international), and the constitution of the "enemy" and their motives determine the "weapons" (actions at law) required, in my opinion.

Infrastructure banks and a deal for "fast-tracking" infrastructure projects through regulatory review seems, to me, to be the most obvious and effective answer to our economic lag


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