Hurry, Hurry...

don't miss the broadcast battle between an intolerant, retrogressive profiteer in one corner and a piratical, dissembling plutocrat in the other (on the same side of the ring?), to decide which austerity-monger can inflict the most heartless scourge upon the body politic. Yes, Alice; if you're stuck in the humdrum of mopping up behind the bloated financiers (whose criminal accounting schemes robbed the public-service coffers and pension funds) who ruined your living standard, and if you've been forgotten by the fancy frauds, scammers and Wall Street sharks then stay tuned for Greedy Old Party Promotions new spectacular! [ Please disregard the OWS warnings about mind-numbing radiation from our programming]. This ad paid for by The Romney Corporate Raider fund and the Newt Advertising Network and Lobby Shop, and viewers like you *?!*

Moon over the Supply-side...

Climate-wise economy (green-urban designs, renewable power sources, urban farming, hybrid-propulsion vehicles, transition away from old-nuclear furnaces and combustion to new/better technologies, etc.) excites a chord within our pioneering heart, I feel. I also think that the stewardship and care-taking of the land (a truly "conservative" idea) is embraced by the "religious" young and, along with the traditional "barn-raising" populism of revivalists, that has proved unmanageable for the political right. The shiny illusion of the "values voters" whose libertarian-ish ecstasy empowered the unscrupulous (Mr. Gingrich) and punished the innocent has dimmed. The persistent commercial distress and dissolution of services, insurances and rights resulting from the unsatisfactory policies that they formerly supported will cast a shadow, I forecast, over the bearing of the stubbornly orthodox and shed light on truer images (99%, for instance) for some time to come.


Immigration reform cuts at the meat of bounty which we are rightly used to "embodying" and across the bone of transplanted Protestant pioneers and multi-cultural pool of predecessors from whom we cannot be removed. However, without a set of articulable "foils" with which to parry and lung forward, in the "arsenal" of the mistreated majority our cause retreats. [?]


The third party congress will "occupy" Washington to convene for three days and two nights, on a package deal with the Tourist Trap Travel Agency and Federation of Flak Catcher's L.T.D., but delegates will not be provided meal vouchers nor tent pegs. No militarized police are being called up for retaliation. The Progressive Congressional Caucus has offered them an alternative venue, but no reply has been heard from the Dodd-Udall front-runner's camp. In other news, The Barney Frank write-in campaign has shifted into high gear


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Republicans Failing Their Corporate Sponsors Could Be a Miracle For Democracy

Now, you don't hear it very much in the corporate media, but the budget bill that the Republicans passed through the House and Senate and Donald Trump signed that set the table for this tax legislation - this tax scam that is being worked out between Republicans in the House, Republicans in the Senate and the billionaires who own them all - includes a trillion dollar cut to Medicaid and