with regard to costs-of-living (housing prices), I think that cost controls, not spending cuts, are mandatory

Freedom (whether of markets or nations) 'aint free - ask the military. The "libertarian" lawlessness of financial markets permitted great damage to be done to working communities. It is not business broadly that has driven recession, but it is bad business practices that pose systemic risks (which would be encouraged if Romney-Ryan policy is pursued) that we must avoid, I think. The Bain record on saving "distressed" businesses (that it "raided") is not so good, and the likelihood that Mr. Romney has learned how to do better with a weak recovery is doubtful, if you ask me. What venture capitalism "grows" is investor profit, not jobs. [!]

Unemployment numbers are falling, however, and Mr. Romney would also like to take credit for that should he be elected (heaven forbid!). Does Willard not understand that "output per person" (productivity) is high, while contraction in demand has resulted in oversupply? Day one of Romney "emergency" treatment would pull the scab from a healing wound and re-inflict the injury (from which "vampire" sectors can suck the "blood" from the economy - oops). Perhaps his narrow involvement in one financial sector has made him ignorant of "how the economy works".

Mr. Romney proposes that we ignore public education reform in favor of "choices" that do little to resolve systemic problems, refuse to fund repair/refit of dilapidated facilities, reject bargaining rights of teachers as "special interests", but I disagree. To say the current administration has not focused on the costs and benefits of public education is ridiculous (but then, much of what Mr. Romney says is illogical and/or untrue).

The question is not whether government is "nanny"-like, I argue, but who are the children and who the adults in the nursery. Irresponsible and selfish behavior should not be suffered happily by the politically mature. Any government lief to "hold the bag" for incautious adventures (hedges, derivative speculation, etc.) does our charges (businesses) a disservice, don't you think?

Net zero illegal immigration - no more state-based excuses - high-skilled immigration, family re-integration, "dream act", trespass sanction and application status, work visas, etc., must be addressed.

The Trump-Romney-Ryan-Norquist-Scott Walker coalition would lead the national turn-around back to the cliff.


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