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Best public-private commercial/industrial practices (efficiency expertise), constitutional reassessment of tradition (enlightenment), regulatory caution/care (prudence) and other erstwhile “conservative” principles have been subverted by fanatic, uncompromising, unqualified Republican Party “authorities” (leadership?).

Extracting lending resources from the “domestic market”, business incentives to defraud consumers and betray the public trust, and conflicts of interest are not good for business nor for, I say. Corporations aren’t in peril of precluded speech rights; but factuality and quantifiable social sentiment have been given much too short shrift in the public forum, I fear. Interpersonal, inter-agency, and interstate cooperation and commerce are keystones to democratic “economy”, I think, just as the “individual” whose liberties must be respected is a social/dialogic construct; neither our freedom nor our responsibilities stop at state lines (although local and regional circumstances and statutes differ) nor our “selves” at our epidermis (Sandyhook taught my kids too), I argue.

What nickname did they give themselves? “What difference does it make?” someone should ask. Whether we know the politics of murderers or we call them Al-Qaeda “backed”, “affiliated”, “linked” and/or just Al-Qaeda “like”; murderous extremists of any other name would still be criminal thugs; although the provocateurs, fear-mongers and war-industrialists imagine that some monsters under the bed should frighten us more than some others.

The questions about necessary reforms and upgrades of the State Department – the sharing of resources between DOD and State, the low funding of State and bloated Pentagon budgets, ‘high risk’ posting and security, etc. – were important for the Secretary to address; and she did so very well I think.

Does it strike anyone ironic that people who are demonstrating about the lack of earnings and allowances that provide means and mobility to workers and commuters must be disbursed and arrested (Europe metro sit-in) for the “good” of “public mobility/transportation”? Austerity is an economic contradiction (contraction/constriction for growth).


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