Same Rearrangements …?

I wonder why the U.S. and Saudis supported royalist forces, against Egypt and the Soviets (who supported republicans), in the 1970 Yemen Civil War? In 1979, about 10 yrs. later, the Soviets failed to rescue a U.S. Ambassador and then invaded Afghanistan (fighting from ’79 to ‘89 against the Mujahideen opposition, trained in Pakistan and China where refugees then fled - who we armed and funded). In 1980 Saddam Hussein was made an honorary citizen of Detroit (to substitute for the ousted Shah of Iran). Then, Iraq invaded Iran in 1980 (after U.S hostage crisis) and, from ’80 thru ’89, we provided weapons, high-tech components, training and vehicles to Iraq through private military contractors – so, they must have been “dangerous” because we made them so, Secty. Powell insisted. In 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait and the rest, as they say, is recent. Therefore, if the ten-year intervals persist (70-80, 80-90, 90 thru 9/11/2001), then our withdrawal after 5 yrs from Iraq and after another 5 yrs in Afghanistan, may spare the President a 2015 flashpoint is reached, I hope. The question is whether the foreign affairs “chops” of the first female American President (former Secty of State) will relieve the inevitable pressures and redirect our attention to infrastructure investment?

Who is in charge …?

The cohesiveness of various perceptible patterns of social interaction (groups) might, I think, be found in distinctive socio-psychological properties (purposes and standards/ideals). Stability of social groups might depend upon the security and self-esteem their members enjoy. Status within a group might depend upon potentially relevant characteristics (culturally specified) such as sex, age, race, etc., with regard to shared purposes and ideas. Members combine status information about characteristics to form aggregated expectations of performance outputs. How the group life-space (psychological “field”) must overlap a member’s personal life-space is an issue for much sociological debate. Libertarian sentiments depend upon common convention and protections, otherwise ignoring the power disparities between members and between groups, I argue.

Revenge of the Sith …?

Cutting subsidy spending (no bid) and special exemptions (dodges) are not tax hikes [!] – we already got our rate hikes. The Republicans are not serious about reducing spending and deficit costs [!] – as in military outsourcing, drug industry price fixing, oil company price manipulation, financial speculation bubbles, added benefits of investment – but, are irrevocably opposed to public service employment (law-enforcement and first response, educators, civic maintenance, civil service) because of their religious “free-market” zealotry, I fear.

Rumsfeld and Cheney "planned", initiated and executed hostilities that cost unnecessary treasure and blood, poorly prepared and criminally neglegent - not to mention the torture (war crimes) - I say.


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