The idea (borrowed from Chesterton, I think) that a good war is better than a bad peace is suspect if not doubtful. The mistaken choice of devotion or enmity leaves a desolate breach into which the faithful are left to make their stand, so to speak. Between passion and patience the hopeful must present their case; not for love of dogma or lust after profit (or upon some other ardent occasion) will we permit slaughter or forswear restraint. The middle way - without impersonal slaughter by indoctrinated professionals or violence of the desperately discouraged - is where religious conviction should be built. Between the lowly impoverished among us and the powerfully ascendant the new Pope’s, as example, stands with outstretched arms inviting our common compassion (sacrifice?).

Depending on the egoism and somehow querulous magnanimity of the ‘fortunate’ is a paradoxical proposal only made seriously, I think, by “invisible” (shadowy) and unscrupulous (officious) powers - but surely remains unconscionable to most, I’d hope. I believe that there is no cure for the vampirism that feeds on collective compliance (cold currency) except the light of universal munificence (good will). The common applicability (access) of success to all in our lifeworld depends most importantly, I think, upon the process by which it is pursued. I expect alternative interchange processes, inclusion strategies (we are powerful market “forces”) and banking regulations will supplant the currency/credit traps into which many have fallen. The minimum living standard protections that encourage participation (rather than marginalize and alienate ‘useless’ sectors) are vital for healthy economy, I’d assume.

What we have begun to share, I’m afraid, are the less pleasant sentiments to be had, like hesitation, selfish predilections and unremitting dread. Full workforce occupation has almost been abandoned as a vain Utopian idea, for example, because, I allege, it is presupposed that a zero-sum offering of employment bonds (indenture and/or credit-burden) is founded in the global lifeworld to serve the extravagance of a dwindling, privileged few (who must be envied). The nobility of the “common man” is a fading sentiment that requires revival, I say.

Agricultural depends on labor-intensive industry which we subsidize with social services and protections that workers cannot afford – but a portion of the bounty from the national bread basket is denied the needy for ‘economic’ reasons (?). The profitability of weapons manufacture (military-industrialization) and gun culture (cowboy-ism) is thought to outweigh the security/peace peoples might enjoy. The vanity of autocratic local governors and bureaucratic bosses hinders the public will/willingness to make care (MedicAid) affordable and available for the burgeoning uninsured, and refuses to grant healthcare-confidence to the hardworking many. Independent providers (employed) are denied negotiating rights with institutions that should then entrust the quality review and regulatory oversight to them, as they deserve – which is confusing to me. The baffling and inspiring civil/human rights and anti-poverty struggles of previous epochs will be sorely needed today, if the challenge is not forgot.


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