Conspiracy to deny equal protection to particular sorts of personkinds, for offenses and hurts they are assumed to have made, and pitiless entrapment of them with malicious intent. Mr. Zimmerman organized such a conspiracy in response to what he considered invasions of his neighborhood by criminals he saw as primarily, if not exclusively, people of color. He was demonstrably in constant dread of such violations (carrying a gun on personal errands, repeated false alarms diverting public resources). His trepidation demanded training for likely, if not inevitable, clashes with ‘forces of evil’ (those a**holes, who always seem to get away and, most recently, were always black).

Given the opportunity (as an instrument of God’s will and bastion against the black horde), Mr. Zimmerman was prepared to discover, pursue and entrap the criminal-type (black) suspects, with the aid of fellow conspirators (officials he summoned, whose arrival he could triangulate to complete his capture, and perhaps the gullible tenants who might mistake a cleaver snare for an unhappy accident). He was not qualified to exercise official law-enforcement tasks – “if you are following then we do not need you to do that” (she must not be on his team, or not realize the gravity of his mission).

The noose tightened, he had his man cornered, and he went to work. Poorly prepared, however, he found himself confronting stout opposition. Would he have time? He managed to remember how to draw his weapon, and decided to do it. He aimed at the black man’s chest. Time was running short. The target was close enough to “identify” (he fit the criminal profile/stereotype). George did not hesitate, but decided to pull the trigger. Would he have decided that white-skinned prey should not suffer death?

What is sure is that the armed, aggressive, deranged (compulsive, if not neurotic) perpetrator of a terribly unfortunate event was not Treyvon Martin. The “racism” into which Mr. Zimmerman fell was systemic and easy to adopt in the political climate that the current state laws provide.

By the way, 'give em hell Harry' :) the senate shall be redeemed !


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