An older lady is obviously having difficulty finding enough change in her purse for the bus, which is about to pull away, when a young, well-healed and richly attired gentleman flips the bus driver a quarter and offers his arm for the lady to mount the steps. He doffs his bowler, smiles and the bus pulls away. On the side of the bus the sign reads: Social Security is solvent for 20 years, but, if we raise the contribution cap there will be no shortfall for the rest of the 21st century. Don’t cut SSI; raise the cap.

When there are loopholes and tax dodges wide enough to drive a better country through, why would we grant insurance companies a loophole for selling substandard policies, after we’ve fought so hard to improve the standards, provide credit for those who need it, and drive costs down with competitive marketplaces? Only one percent of individual policy holders (not getting employer offered plans) might not qualify for subsidies for a slightly higher cost, which will provide them better (up-to-standard) care rather than dumping their shortfall on the rest of us.

Is it the consumer protections (standards) or the idea of personal responsibility (including “individual” insurance providers) that the GOP almost universally objects to, with regard to the ACA?

Ideas That No Longer Make Sense:

We can surely agree that there are a few ideas that no longer deserve our serious attention. (1) Unregulated, conglomerated power does not “trickle-down” wealth into the general economy. (2) Preemptive expeditions into volatile Mideast conflicts and open-ended occupations there are foolhardy at best (and lethally costly). (3) Federal institutions and policies are economically beneficial (yield valuable returns) and socially useful; therefore, it is not the government itself that might become problematic but irresponsible people holding public office. (4) The DOD chain of command is incompetent with regard to sexual assaults. (5) The property right of gun ownership should be merited. You know, and other stuff like that.


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