The “Next America” about which Paul Taylor writes includes inter-generational reliance required in the face of diminishing resources, and apparently examines the roles of members of these extended ‘families’. Income/assets of workers are intended to provide an economic support for member ambitions/expectations (“upward mobility”), but the socio-economic objectives and motivations have changed. What social ‘advancement’ is merited and value-added ‘enrichment’ can be anticipated are seemingly askew. Attention getting is easier within echo chambers of “new news”, but socio-economic gratification has been depressed at the same time that socio-emotional gratification has been amplified. Familiar goals seem unreachable and many young people seem to be headed “down the up escalator” (Barbara Garson). High productivity, enhanced technologically, no longer yields higher general (commercial) prosperity, while extraction of commercial ‘wealth’ and financial industry excess has depressed expectations and exasperated wealth disparity.


new age
new age


Roland369 5 years 24 weeks ago

I see your point. I too see a dark abyss on the horizon, and we seem to be on a runaway train headed for it. I can only speculate at what the enviable outcome will be in this NWO, but I'll bet it won't be pretty. In any case, enormous amounts of wealth has been moved upward into the hands of the ruling class, while those in the 90% lower echelon have been stripped of whatever money and power they may have had.

I think we are headed for a man-made mass extinction of the human population and what will remain will be working as slave labor. The only way to reverse this is to break up those organizations that are "Too Big to Fail," spread the pieces to each state, and give a monetary bonus to those who need it the most. Unless the power is taken out of the hands of the few, and given to the many, we will continue to have a rich ruling Plutocracy, where "values" such as greed, avarice, plunder, war, exploitation, narcissism, self indulgence, pollution, and abuse will rule the day. Altruism is not in their vocabulary, only profit, even if it means the destruction of the planet. Neither is empathy, compassion, or respect for others or the life forms that populate the planet.

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