Tax Simplification: The tax code is so complicated, the IRS cannot give correct answers.
I called the IRS at 8008291040 to check if I can get the foreign tax credit for taxes paid on dividends of American Depository Receipts. After > 50 min, I was told to check publication 514

Use negative feedback to achieve stability. Behavior that causes increases of spending by the society should be taxed to pay for itself.
End all lifestyle subsidies. Have a floor of standard of living below which nobody should fall.
Insurance and government help are for unplanned events. Planned events should be paid for by the planner.

All elected representatives should have to file their tax forms without professional help, this will give them the incentive to keep the tax laws simple.
Eliminate corporate income tax as part of a package that also increases the minimum wage to a livable wage of $15/Hr and index it to inflation, decrease the work week and increase the number of vacations.
If that is not possible, allow companies to expense the dividends they pay to their shareholders.
Sales Tax of 30-10000% on Advertisement, Political Contributions and Lobbying. You have to think like a mathematician: Banning Political Contributions and Lobbying, which the court of supreme fools has outlawed, would be the equivalent of having infinity Sales Tax. Finite Sales Tax are still legal.
Sales Tax of 30-100% on compensations >= 100 times the minimum wage. Shareholders should approve compensations >= 100 times the minimum wage.
Tax Inflation Adjusted (Capital Gains and Dividends) as regular income, but exempt the 1st $15000/year of Dividend and Interest Income from Taxes and index it to inflation to encourage Americans to save.
Sales Tax of 50-1000% on Infertility Treatment. Overpopulation is a major driving factor in worldwide fossil fuel consumption and global warming.
Increase the Child support Age to 25 and make University Education, including Housing Free, cognitive scientists have determined that the brain does not mature until the age of 27.
End deductions/allowances for Biological Children. It should be the reverse: the more Children individuals have the more resources they consume and the more Taxes they should pay. For every biological child a household has, add 10 thousand dollars to income when computing taxes and index it to inflation. For every biological child a household has, if 1 of the biological parents is < 25, add 20 thousand dollars to income when computing taxes and index it to inflation.
End deductions for mortgage interest. If it is not possible to immediately end deductions for mortgage interest, it could be done gradually over a period of 5 years. It is better to use that money, which all comes from the same economy, to have free University/Apprenticeship Education rather than subsidize borrowing money. Telling 18-year old people that they are now on their own and that they need to support themselves and borrow money to continue their Education and not even allowing them to deduct the Education loans and interest does not make any sense.
Reform the property tax. The property tax should be a function of what it costs to service the property. This is unrelated to the value of the property. Schools should be financed by taxes on people with biological children.
End all subsidy to private transportation. Roads and Freeway construction and maintenance should be totally financed by a tax on fossil fuel and charge on every Km a vehicle drives.
Damage caused by vehicle drivers should be paid fully by vehicle drivers. Drivers should be required to have liability insurance > $6 million indexed to inflation.
Have a sales tax on behavior, that causes the society to increase spending. This will create a negative feedback loop that brings stability. Example, put a Sales Tax on junk food and use it to partly finance a single payer health plan.

Additional steps needed to combat Overpopulation and irresponsible breeding
Humans are the result of selfish memes and selfish genes.
Giving each person has the right to reproduce to infinity, but it is the duty of the rest of the society to support the progeny creates a dangereous positive feedback loop that will ensure a crash of the planet's ecosystem.
In nature, if an organism is on its own, if it starves or is killed by a predator, it cannot reproduce.
If organisms live in packs like wild dogs, wolves, only 1 male and 1 female reproduce.
My point is humans have to be able to make win/win deals with each other.
If you are starving or have no H2O, on your own you will die and cannot reproduce.
Society should be able to make a win/win deal with you: Society will provide you with food and H2O so you do not die, but you cannot reproduce or stop at 1.
Sales Tax of 50-1000% on Infertility Treatment. Overpopulation is a major driving factor in worldwide fossil fuel consumption and global warming.
Person receiving Infertility Treatment must prove ability to support new children until the age of 25. Otherwise, it should be illegal for doctor to treat the Infertility. If doctor treats the Infertility and recipient is unable to support the children without welfare, doctor is responsible for supporting new children until the age of 25.
Allow people to opt out of reproductive services, except abortion. This way people planning to reproduce should pay the average cost of a pregnancy in their premium. Really, if people don't have the $5000 - $6000 it costs to bring a child into the world, it means they don't have the $300 x 10e3 - $400 x 10e3 to raise a child and they should abstain from reproducing until they have funds and abort any unintended pregnancy. Insurance and government help are for unplanned events. Planned events should be paid for by the planner.
States should support their foster children until the age of 25

Complete the conversion to metric started in 1866 in the United States
Sec. 204. Metric system authorized:
It shall be lawful throughout the United States of America to employ the weights and measures of the metric system; and no contract or dealing, or pleading in any court, shall be deemed invalid or liable to objection because the weights or measures expressed or referred to therein are weights or measures of the metric system
The use of the metric system made legal in the United States by the Metric Act of 1866 (Public Law 39-183). This law made it unlawful to refuse to trade or deal in metric quantities.
The law should be amended so that in any transaction, if 1 party asks it to be conducted in metric, the transaction should be conducted in metric. The offended party should get the right to sue the offender, who refuses to conduct the transaction in metric for > $10000/transaction indexed to inflation.
All equipment sold in the United States, that displays measurements, must be able to display in metric and should be configured by default to display in metric.
All high schools should teach the metric system at least 2 years before exposing children to the lunatic foot/pound system.
All laws should be expressed in the metric system.
All communications that receive public funding should be expressed in the metric system.
All public agencies that certify weights and measures should be able to certify in the metric system.
All radio ad TV stations that receive FCC approval should broadcast news and weather in metric with heavy fines if they don't. Also, consumers should get the right to sue them for > $10000/transaction indexed to inflation.
All prices should be clearly and accurately expressed to give consumers an immediate information of price/metric unit, such as 1 Kg, 1 Liter, 100g, etc
Ask people in the census, which system they prefer metric or foot/pound.
The metric system is the language of science.
The metric system was initially designed after the Earth:
10 million meters or 10000 Km = distance Equator to North Pole
a cube of 0.1 meter = 1 liter
1 liter of H2O at its densest temperature, 4 deg Celsius, has a mass of 1 Kg
1 Newton = Force needed to accelerate 1 Kg by 1 meter/sec2
1 Pascal = Pressure exerted by 1 Newton uniformly over a surface of 1 m2
Standard atmospheric Pressure = 100000 Pascals
At a pressure of 1 atmosphere, H2O freezes at 0 deg Celsius/273.15 degrees Kelvin and boils at 100 deg Celsius/373.15 degrees Kelvin
1 joule = energy generated by 1 Newton moving by 1 m in the same direction as the force
1 kilocalorie = amount of heat energy necessary to heat 1 Kg of H2O by 1 deg Celsius
1 kilocalorie = 4180 joules
1 g of carbohydrates gives approximately 4 kilocalories when it combusts completely in O2
1 g of fat gives approximately 9 kilocalories when it combusts completely in O2

12 grams of the isotope C 12 (6 protons + 6 neutrons) contain 1 mole or Avogadro's number of C 12 atoms.
1 mole or Avogadro's number = 6.023 x 10e23.
Einstein's famous equation, E = m x c^2 works only in metric: m is in Kg, c = 3 x 10^8 m/s , E = energy in joules, 1 wh = 3600 (watt-sec or joules). 1 more reason to dump the stupid moronic idiotic foot/pound system and switch to metric.
At a pressure of 1 atmosphere and 0 deg Celsius/273.15 degrees Kelvin, 1 mole or Avogadro's number of perfect gas molecules, Helium is the closest to satisfying the requirements of being a perfect gas, occupy 22.4 liters .
you can find more precise metric definitions and values of constants at
(, and

Important dates and associated documents in the history of the modern metric system
(, and

metrication (adoption of S.I. (metric) units) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Laboratory

1 more reason to dump foot/pound and switch to metric: NASA lost a 125 million Mars orbiter because one engineering team used metric units while another used English units for a key spacecraft operation

Already, in 2011, all High School and College textbooks have been using metric for more than 20 years now.
Geben Sie dem foot einen Fusstritt in dem Arsch.
Please sign petition to make the Metric system the standard in the United States, instead of the Imperial system


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