The wasted vote is the one you don't cast. That's the cost of staying home and not voting.

If you don't vote, you have no right to complain about politics. Even if you write in a vote for Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse; you voted.

I plan to vote for Bernie. If Hillary wins the Dem nomination, I still plan to vote for Bernie. Why? Presidential elections are not won by popular vote. The presidential vote you cast is for a member of the electoral college member, not the candidate. I don't live in a swing State. I don't live in a State that has a chance of moving from Red to Blue. If all the Red States voted 99% for Pubs, and all the Blue States voted 51% for Dems, and the swing States voted 50.1% Dem, the election would be won by a minority popular vote. It's the way our Presidential elections are set up.

So, is it time to give up? Hardly. There are local races, education races, City races, County races, State races, legislation races, Congressional House and Senate races, Governor races, and all these little/big races form the government of the future.

Primaries of voting force has already bared fruit. Two AGs have lost their bid over controversial police actions in IL and OH, thanks to large turnouts of voters in each State.

Last Tuesday, Maricopa County recorder Helen Purcell was solely responsible for the voting fiasco in AZ, yet she plans to be re-elected in Nov. If you say home bc of a poor choice of Pub/Dem presidential choice, will you also allow her to continue a poor job performance?

Yes, your vote counts, whether to keep keep existing seats active, or voting for change.

YOUR vote makes the difference.


marriott79's picture
marriott79 3 years 25 weeks ago

I agree with everything you said, except that the fiasco in Arizona was the result of a single individual. I'm not saying she didn't do anything wrong or that I'm not outraged by what happened, but something on that scale is rarely done without other people being complicit -- either turning a blind eye, helping, or pulling the strings.

The third season of The Wire, particularly how it ended, illustrates this point nicely. By the time the story hit the news, thanks to cover ups and lies, the mess had become the result of one rogue individual.

What happened in Arizona wasn't mere incompetence or blunders, it was a clear decision to disenfranchise voters. Otherwise, innocent mistakes like these would happen all the time in other cities, states, and countries. Even a twelve year old could have figured out you need more than 60 polling locations for a city of millions. However, because it resulted in the loss of an unpopular candidate (as far as the establishment in charge of investigating such matters is concerned), it will never be fully investigated or challenged. But we do a disservice to ourselves by parroting the nonsense fed to us by the corporate media and party insiders.

marriott79's picture
marriott79 3 years 25 weeks ago

FWIW, watch the video (below) where she's interviewed by Fox. I don't get the impression she's merely covering her own behind. The way she answers the questions sounds like she's falling on a sword for someone else. The word "we" is used a lot.

xcergy's picture
xcergy 3 years 24 weeks ago

> The way she answers the questions sounds like she's falling on a sword for someone else.

Yet she is still running for re-election in November. Do you plan to say @ home and not vote?

Not me!!! The movement is here: Vote the bums out.

As Thom has stated often: Tag, Your It!!!!

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