Property tax for education; is it needed funding?

Property tax for education; is it needed funding?

I heard Thom rant again on this topic, and he may be right, and then again wrong.

He assumes that rich districts pay for well paid schools, while poorer districts have less funded schools, therefore, funding for schools via property taxes should be eliminated.

Nice rant Thom, but there are other factors to consider.

I don't have the same history experience as Thom, so I can't come to the same conclusion.

The Congressional district where I live is occupied by Rep. Trey Gowdy. I have lived in this district for over 45 years. It is also the home of Bob Jones University, A large contingent of Baptist and Catholic Churches, and has been labeled as "The Buckle of the Bible Belt" Most in the community take pride in that lable.

66% of the property taxes I pay goto Schools. Why? I have no kids! It's a price you pay to serve the Commons. I get that. Most don't.

I have lived in many school districts in this county, but the taxes remain the same for schools .... they get 2/3.

We also have different tax rates. 4% for home owners and 6% for owners that rent.
I don't have the numbers, but I'm sure there are more renters than owners in those poor areas you describe.

No doubt those in 'poor' neighborhoods don't own new cars that generate max property tax costs either. Any "CONSERVATIVE" will tell you to by used/best fuel/resale value vehicle available. It's what I do, and I'm a progressive!!!!!!

Greenville County SC pools all education $$ into one basket, as all Counties should do?
Isn't that be the solution we should be looking for?

Schools always need funding, and yes, the beaucracy of same needs better control. How we as a people have not learned from past mistakes is only human.