My partner and I have been together now for 15 years after reuniting at our 20th high school reunion. We live in a small very wealth town in upstate NY. We are not hurting by any means but we live in the poorest part of the town and live what would be considered a middle class lifestyle by most. My partner is the appointed Deputy Town Clerk. She was appointed 20 years ago buy her her boss, a wonderful woman but a Republican.

Within a few month of her appointment it was impressed upon her that it would be in her best interest to change party affiliations and register as a Republican. She and her family had been life long Democrats. Due to the fact that she was recently divorced, living with her mother and raising a three year old, she had no choice and complied.

Forward 20 years. Her boss, after serving 30+ years has decided to run a republican primary against the current Town Supervisor. She has received all the signatures necessary and turned down the Clerk position on the ballot.

Now here is the problem. My partner is well known and loved in the town. Her family has been here for almost a century in the same house which she now owns. The republican party is enthusiastic about appointing her to the ballot to replace her boss. They know how much she can bring to the table for the Republican party. The democrats will most likely not even run anyone against her. So the job is pretty much hers if she chooses.

She has had a few discussions with the current leadership and if it was just ok I'll run and win, get a 20 grand pay raise come January and all will be well, right? No so quick... they want her to be actively supporting other Republicans on the ballot in November. They have offered money for her campaign but expect more.

Thus our dilemma. Should she just continue to capitulate to the Republican party, get her pay raise and hit 25 years for state retirement before she has to run again? Or do we make a statement and have her run on a 3rd party line where she would probably get the support of the Democrats which are 1/3 of the constituency and probably have to run against a republican.

We are OK financially. I am a business owner and don't have much saved for retirement. I am covered by the VA for my health insurance. She would not have insurance if she lost the election. My business is large enough to probably employ her but with only 4 employees I haven't had to provide health insurance to my employees because they are covered by their spouses plans or the VA. Not sure we could afford her payroll and insurance. This move could financially impact my company and could put my employees jobs in jeopardy should it not work out.

So what do we do. We are leaning at continuing to capitulate the the deplorables and have her keep her job for the next 4 years. She has promised me that she will change her party back to the Democratic party after she is elected and if she runs again it will be on the democratic line. Or do we take the leap, run on the 3rd party line and risk losing 45 grand a year and health insurance.

What would you do?????


rs allen 48 weeks 3 days ago

So now you worry about how to wash off the blood off your hands after twenty years?

Try the age old incantation of; out, out damn spot.

leontrollski's picture
leontrollski 48 weeks 3 days ago


Spot on Shakespeare! Love it!

Or try reflecting on this scene from Marlowe's Tragical History of Dr. Faustus.


EVIL ANGEL. Too late.

GOOD ANGEL. Never too late, if Faustus will repent.

EVIL ANGEL. If thou repent, devils will tear thee in pieces.

GOOD ANGEL. Repent, and they shall never raze thy skin.

[Exeunt ANGELS.]

FAUSTUS. O Christ, my Saviour, my Saviour

Help to save distressed Faustus’ soul!

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