So they say they want to have this country run are more Christian principles, they are overlooking more than Matthew 25. In the OT before the time of the Kings God set up a system of government that was administered by the Levites. This went far beyond the issues of sacrifice to atone for sin. It actually regulated business. There's that scary regulation word, I know. Among other things the wealthy farmers and herdsmen had very specific rules about what they were suppose to tithe, what they were allowed to harvest from their fields and cull from their flocks. They were not, for instance suppose to harvest to the edges, nor were they suppose to go over the field a second time. God clearly did not believe in a free market nor did He advocate that the rich will do the right thing out of the goodness of their hearts. Clearly He was onto the greed factor. Glenn Beck and all the anti-tax, anti social justice folks seem ingnorant of these facts.


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Robindell 9 years 21 weeks ago

I have reports on a progressive show that there are a small number of extremist churches mostly in the South, as I understand it, that have renounced parts of the Bible, i.e., the New Testament, where Jesus talks about the moral imperative of helping the poor, criticisms of those who misuse their wealth and power, the need to help the sick and disabled, etc. Human beings are often not very good at ethics and morality. The history of the South carries over to certain tendencies toward prejudice, ignorance, and greed even to this day.

I believe that Christian conservatives also are opposed to one aspect of the Old Testament, from the Ten Commandments. It has been a long time since I have been in Sunday school, so I don't remember exactly which commandment states, "Thou Shalt Not Kill." The Republicans believe in the luck of the draw, that life is merely a gamble. If someone is laid off from their job and cannot find a new one, the person is probably at fault, but the bottom line is that the person is unlucky, and that is just life, according to them. Americans as a whole don't give much thought to the unemployed or to the disabled. Of course, not all Christians are conservative, but it seems as if many are. Religion does not appear to me to be an affect way of imparting ethics into human beings because religious writings seem to be subject to misinterpretation and rejection by their own alleged followers. There have been some conservative Christian Republicans who don't seem to believe in the commandent on being faithful to one's spouse.

If conservatives could pass a law that violates another federal law, they wouldn't care as long as they could harm others, even fatally. I believe that if the Republicans could come up with a secret police like the Germans had under Hitler, or such as the KBG, they would create such a force in the name of unjust punishment and suppression. Progressives shouldn't be afraid to point these things out. When the Nazis came to power, it was too late.

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