Is Thomas Jefferson the “Head” of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Faiths?

Thomas Jefferson is the reincarnation of Jacob, father of the 12-boys whose descendants became known as Israel.

Moses is one of those descendants, and is considered to be the “father” of the Jewish religion.

Prophet Muhammad is the reincarnation of Moses. Bank on it.

Jesus’ “human” linage in the books of Matthew and Luke is traced through Jacob, the grandson of Abraham. Jesus is the “father” of Christianity.

Thomas Jefferson (i.e. Jacob reincarnated) rewrote portions of the New Testament because he could not “logically” understand some “miracles” in it. He subconsciously knew that he is a guardian of the Gospels. He possessed and apparently read the English translation of his own Qur’an, which he later sold to what became The Library of Congress. Jefferson "brought" Islam to the USA, in a language we understand.

Some believe that Thomas Jefferson incarnated during the time of Prophet Muhammad. This seems typical of how reincarnation works. He would have wanted to incarnate to help a much beloved and highly revered kinsman complete his (or God’s) mission and accomplish certain goals. And he would have wanted to assist the Lord our God.

Thomas Jefferson set forth the ideals of the USA in the Declaration of Independence, and elsewhere. In his book, The Second Coming, Youssef Khalim says, “Jefferson is America! He is the heart and soul of America, and what the USA is destined to become! But Jefferson is primarily the good side of America! There is also an ugly, or bad side!

“Moreover, Jeffersonian ideals are the heart, mind, and soul of what is best and good in the world!”

Thomas Jefferson is a forefather to Prophet Muhammad, who “is” Moses. He is a forefather to The Son of Man, Jesus, who in turn is the “father” of Christianity.

So, in a sense, this makes Thomas Jefferson a “Head” of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And we are a guardian of this faith.


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