In CULT world of right wing conservatism , even a fraud a liar and a wife beater get a pass as long as they give the illusion of good right wing Christian ' family values'. Seems nothing no matter how horrid phases the right wing 'cult members' as long as the offenders are on the right side. Hell even George W Bush and Dick Cheney , viewed by most of the world as horrendous war criminals with a million Iraqi deaths under their belts, get a pass from the conservative crowd, they are even 'HEROS to their cult members. Someone on this site , mentioned that this latest O'Reilly wife beating scandal , will just pass into oblivion , hardly noticed and tragically they're right. The corporate media knows if one of 'theirs' offends, just ignore the story and it will go away, just like it never happened.


Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 28 weeks ago

Never underestimate the power of the media spotlight. Whoever has control of that has the means of mind control on a mass scale. And to we the sheeple, it's a form of hypnosis... from the "masstuhs" to the "masses".

Don't be a boob! Ditch the boob tube!

Steven.PBarrett 4 years 28 weeks ago

NEven just publishing a whiff of a suspicion of wife beating used to derail the biggest blowhards in politics, press and entertainment. With O'Reilly you get all three "professions" of course. Being a statesman or public servant used to be thought of primarily as a calling. Same somewhat for being a responsible reporter/journalist because to be thought of as responsible, one has to earn the reputation and that takes the discipline of somebody who believes he or she is called to report just the facts and in a just fair and really truthfully unbiased/balanced way. And being an entertainer requires the drive of somebody called to entertain in such a way as to leave his or her audience feeling better about themselves, and the world they live in, or if not feeling better, because we need exposure to tragedy in drama and artwork, at least better informed.

No such calling or cover can be found for alleged wife beaters. If football players have to bench it out for a while, O'Reilly's no different. But hell, to paraphrase an old cheapshot thrown in the direction of alleged or convicted/self-admitted wife-beaters, we only need to posit this question to the O-Man to discredit him: "When was the las time you stopped assaulting the truth, Bill?"

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