The NFL thoroughly punished Michael Sam for honestly telling the world who he really is and not living a lie. Yes if Michael Sam had only kept quiet , been a hypocrite, continued the illusion that 'real men' only play football. Now broken , needing an income ,Michael Sam is relegated the Canadian Football League , that pays poorly and is the grave yard of US footballer 'wannabes' 'has-beens 'and now obviously openly gay males.


Ozark Matt's picture
Ozark Matt 4 years 28 weeks ago

The NFL is a monopoly. Too bad the CFL can't openly compete with the wife beating, gun toting, steriod pumping, ho' banging, public money sucking NFL and market itself as the progressive football league that allows gays and women. Then, if competition existed, you might see in some ways the CFL become more popular with certain demographics, but we don't enforce anti-trust laws since Robot Ronnie Reaganoid the Doomsayer.

Something would still have to be done a'boot those 110 yards, kind of goofy.

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