George W Bush said the biggest failure of his presidency was not privatizing seniors pensions, which is saying a lot since GWB left the country in 2 wars, bleeding 3 trillion dollars from the public treasury. Bin Laden was still alive and uncaptured after the worst attack and breach of security in US history. The housing market collapsed leaving it worth half its value, the stock market on its knees near collapse, 3 auto makers on the verge of collapse, the big banks near collapse , needing a 1000 billion dollar infusion of public tax dollars to save them, then arrogantly rewarding themselves with tens of millions in bonuses for what they perceived as a job well done. In January 2009 , 50 million Americans had no health care and the country was losing 700,000 jobs a MONTH , with the WORLD on the precipice of another Great Depression. ADD 6 Trillion dollars of new GWB public debt, that didn't include the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, (Bush regime cooked the books on that one, saying these wars would pay for themselves from oil revenues plundered by the West, another LIE) or the years of war expenses that followed. AND what's worse and even more troubling, is the world watching as the US began what turned out to be a killing spree of one million -250 thousand people in these 2 countries mostly civilians, including 5000 young Americans believing they were fighting a righeous war , not a corporate war. A war and killing spree that destabilized a whole region (see ISIS) ,including the US operated the torture rooms , kill teams murdering anyone the Bush /Cheney team deemed a threat, the use of depleted uranium munitions contaminating the Iraqi countryside with radiation for a billion years. AND again what's worse if that was possible, NO ONE from that right wing regime has been brought to justice. These thugs, these war criminals , these mass murderers are in fact ideolized as hero's by their right wing cult followers. BUT believe it or not in America these right wingers still have a chance of winning the next Presidential race in 2016 and again running the country.


rs allen 4 years 11 weeks ago

Make plans accordingly zap.....I know I am.

what do I know's picture
what do I know 4 years 11 weeks ago

Let's all remember why President Obama was elected in the first place.

The "Party of Personal Responsibility" has been denying culpability for the ruin they caused after their TOTAL POWER autocratic rule of 2000-2009.

They were even forced to create another fictionalized party, the Tea Bagger Party, to rebrand themselves and deflect attention from the 2nd Republican Party Great Depression. Pubs were trying to convince America that they were the same,…..but somehow different. Curiously, it worked in the 2010 elections.

On January 21st, 2009 we saw:

  1. Record number of bank failures
  2. Lehman Bros. went belly up
  3. a massive amount of homes were foreclosed
  4. Businesses were failing and closing their doors
  5. 3,300 people dead in the 911 attack
  6. Stock market crashed sending the Dow from 15,000 down to 6,500
  7. We lost 4 jet airliners
  8. We lost 2 World Trade Center towers
  9. We got a hole in our Pentagon
  10. Obama took charge of a $12 trillion deficit,….AND climbing!!!
  11. Domestic auto industry was on life support
  12. Iraq was in chaos
  13. Afghanistan was/is in chaos
  14. 5,000 dead American kids for fake wars begun to increase Cheney’s KBR profits
  15. One seized American spy plane
  16. Half the country lost its power grid in a massive crash
  17. A bridge in Minnesota caved into a river
  18. We were bleeding 750,000 jobs a month

Michigan’s alone lost over 400,000 jobs in this period (to Clinton/Bush’s NAFTA)

And this is only the first-blush look at republic party achievements the last time we gave them total power.

Want to give them a chance to do it again?

Does anybody think there’ll be anything left of the Middle Class when they’re done this time?

Republicanism is antithetical to the life of the Middle Class. Pubs can’t thrive without cannibalizing the Middle Class. We are their cattle. We are their nourishment. We are little more than expendable livestock to be harvested for wealth. Repubs devour Working Class prosperity for their income.



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