12 , yes twelve ,US Presidents OWNED HUMANS , almost one third of all US Presidents.

Of the first five presidents, four owned slaves [Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe]. All four of these owned slaves while they were president. [The exception was John Adams]

Of the next five presidents (#6-10), four owned slaves. Only two of them owned slaves while they were president [Andrew Jackson and John Tyler]

Of the next five presidents (#11-15), two owned slaves. Both of these two owned slaves while they were president. [James K. Polk and Zachary Taylor]

Of the next three presidents (#16-18) two owned slaves. Neither of them owned slaves while serving as president. [Andrew Johnson and Ulysses S. Grant]

The last president to own slaves while in office was the twelfth president, Zachary Taylor (1849-1850).

The last president to own slaves at all was the eighteenth president, Ulysses S. Grant (1869-1877).

So twelve of US presidents owned slaves and eight of them owned slaves while serving as president.

Thomas Jefferson who wrote Declaration of Independence—' All men are created equal' must have been talking about white men only , because during his lifetime, Thomas Jefferson owned over 200 humans or as the US calls them slaves.

Infact Jefferson one of Americas 'Founding Fathers' ,writes that an acquaintance who had suffered financial reverses “should have been invested in negroes.” He advises that if the friend’s family had any cash left, “every farthing of it [should be] laid out in land and negroes, which besides a present support bring a silent profit of from 5. to 10. per cent in this country by the increase in their value.”

Jefferson was crueler than we have been led to believe. A letter has recently come to light describing how Monticello’s young black boys, “the small ones,” age 10, 11 or 12, were whipped to get them to work in Jefferson’s nail factory, whose profits paid the mansion’s grocery bills. This passage about children being lashed had been suppressed—deliberately deleted from the published record in the 1953 edition of Jefferson’s Farm Book, containing 500 pages of plantation papers. That edition of the Farm Book still serves as a standard reference for research into the way Monticello worked.

Jefferson’s Farm Book, that he confronted a taboo subject and made his fateful deletion. Randolph reported to Jefferson that the nailery was functioning very well because “the small ones” were being whipped. The youngsters did not take willingly to being forced to show up in the icy midwinter hour before dawn at the master’s nail forge. And so the Jefferson's overseer, Gabriel Lilly, was whipping them “for truancy.”

Another incident, Oldham (a black servant) reported that James Hemings, the 17-year-old son of the house servant Critta Hemings, had been sick for three nights running, so sick that Oldham feared the boy might not live. He took Hemings into his own room to keep watch over him. When he told Lilly( Jeffersons overseer) that Hemings was seriously ill, Lilly said he would whip Jimmy into working. Oldham “begged him not to punish him,” but “this had no effect.” The “Barbarity” ensued: Lilly “whipped him three times in one day, and the boy was really not able to raise his hand to his head.” The boy later died.

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zapdam's picture
zapdam 4 years 11 weeks ago

' CRICKETS ' Not a word from my American friends on their 'forefathers' they continually use to justify their present day actions. Americas 'Gods' , with human failings, but we never talk about the human failing do we.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 11 weeks ago

Zapdam, you oughta check out R. Kenyatta's threads. Plenty of discussions along these lines. However many of our white comrades don't seem to be quite getting it; in particular, the connection between past & present, or that old law of cause & effect. Here's a website you might want to check out. It's a new one, not fully up and running quite yet. But I think you might find this interesting: www.melanicnation.com

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