So it's election time in Canada, unlike the US , we have tough restrictions on election spending by the candidates and our election period is 16 weeks.

Up for re election is Stephen Harper of Canada's Conservative Party. The question ALL Canadians are asking themselves , has he shown himself competent and trustworthy and the flat answer is NO. First these Conservatives have had 9 straight budget deficts, adding hundreds of millions of new debt to the backs of 35 million Canadians. Secondly they are as crooked as they come.

Can we trust Stephen Harper to re elect him and the answer again is NOT A CHANCE. Third of the Canadian Senate Stephen Harper appointed are presently under Royal Canadian Police investigation. Harper's top cabinet aid Dean Dean Del Mastro, Harper's ETHICS spokensman has been sent to jail for corruption. Harper aid Michael Sona has been jailed for preventing electors from voting. Pamela Wallin Harper Senate appointee under investigation for fraud, Mike Duffy another Harper Senate appointee charged with 31 criminal offenses, Bruce Carson former Harper advisor , charged with illegal lobbying, Harper appointee Senator Patrick Brazeau , charged with wife beating ,sexual assault and fraud. ON and on it goes ,conservatives charged with criminal offenses , put in power by Stephen Harper.

Hopefully Canadians won't suffer the same election malady our American cousins appear to be suffering from and sanity will prevail, Canadians will turf this corrupt regime and keep them from power for decades to come.


The last Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was accused by a German ARMS dealer of taking a cash bribe. Mulroney denied it , sued Canada for libel and was given 2 million dollars in compensation, only to find out years later, the Brian Mulroney had indeed been given $200,000 in cash by the ARMS dealer , which Mulroney NEVER declared as income and had hidden the money away in a safety deposit box for almost half a decade , until a second investigation outted the TRUTH. A Canadian ' truth and reconciliation committee grilled Mulroney for months publicly, but he dug in and claimed it was 'business payment' and the German arms dealer was trying to frame him, so it became a he said he said contest and Mulroney walked away unscathed , with the 2 million from the Canadian government AND the 200 thousand cash found in his safety deposit.

Watch the NDP attack ad on these conservative crooks, 48 seconds long , see for yourself.


Instant-RunOff-... 4 years 13 weeks ago

The problem in Canada is the same as in the USA and Britain. The idiotic, anti-democratic First-Past-The-Post Electoral system. We all need to replace that with IRV or Instant RunOff Voting.

In Canada is that there is one right wing party and three left wing parties. The three left wing parties consistently split the vote allowing ultra-conservative Harper to win a majority government. Last election he got a 54% majority of seats in government, a virtual dictatorship, while only getting the support of 24% of Canadian eligible voters. That is insanity implicit in FPTP voting.

In my city mayor election, seems every time we get a nitwit mayor re-elected because he is opposed by two strong intelligent opponents who invariably split the vote allowing the nitwit to win by a slim plurality. FPTP voting at its finest. A lot of people are scared of change and just vote for the current administration, which is enough to win a plurality over all strong opponents to a corrupt or incompetent entrenched government, which like to use scare tactics to get sufficient votes, to hold on to power.

Also, it is well known, that the specter of negative campaigning that permeates Canada & US elections is particularly a phenonomen of FPTP electoral systems. In IRV negative campaigning causes a candidate to lose alternative votes which is quite likely to result in an election loss. Harper's campaign is almost entirely based on high priced TV ads attacking his opponents with schlock, childish & ridiculous commercials.

A prime example of the dismal failure of the totally undemocratic FPTP electoral system is the win of the criminal George Bush over Gore in 2000. Sufficient people voted for the Green Party rather than the Democrats to give Bush the win. A Green party vote = a vote for the rabidly anti-Green nutcase George Bush. Bush campaign stooges actually financed & registered Green Party candidates because they were well aware of that. This absurdity that is locked into the FPTP pseudo-electoral system and turns so-called democracy into some kind of pathetic sham.

The US is locked into the Duolopoly of two totally corrupted political parties, both of whom are corporate owned and accountable only to the same bunch who supply their funding. Any third party vote is really just a vote for one of the crony parties, a total waste of time, and most voters are well aware of that fact. Unless or until a third party can miraculously gather enough credibility to start from zip to > 30% of popular support. Almost impossible. With IRV, someone can vote Green or Libertarian, their preference, without worrying they are going to help their most hated candidate get elected.

The Alternative Vote Explained:

The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained:

zapdam's picture
zapdam 4 years 13 weeks ago

Instant-RunOFF , your post is just brilliant, a complete and total summation of the realities and frustrations of our political systems BOTH sides of the border. Well done my friend.

Instant-RunOff-... 4 years 12 weeks ago

Thankyou, it is truly repulsive to see the barrage of Harper mindless personal attack ads on Canadian TV against Trudeau. Really disgusting, but sad to say it is proving effective under our FPTP electoral system. Harper gambled everything on Canada becoming a new petrostate and now with the crash in oil prices, Canada's economy has gone down the sewer.

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