In case you haven't seen the video , you need to. The video from my understanding is of police responding to a domestic violence call. What ensues , is a white man scurrying around the front entrance of what appears to be his property as police close in. The man after what appears to be a limited attempt to leave the scene, turns to the 2 police officers, the man appears to have no visible weapons and appears to not challenge police physically and stops , stands still and raises his hands indicating surrender. It is at that moment , the man is then shot to death by the police.

I first viewed this video on LIVELEAK , but it has since then been removed. The video at the ABC KSAT web site has been edited also.

second source is GRAPHIC


jflum 2 years 42 weeks ago

Cops kill blacks...cops kill whistleblowers..cops kill bi-racial...cops kill Moslems...cops kill whites...COPS KILL YOU

This is the police state that Koch&Co ordered. They do not want anyone interfering with their whistleblower,,,no white government regulator.

And Koch&CO want to change science...the world is flat, dinasaurs lived with begins at conception....tar sands are good

And forget those pesky constitutional rights people were supposed to have. WE ARE AT WAR !!!!!

So, fight back

I am a non-violent person, so I fight back with words, SOME OF THE NASTIEST WORDS YOU EVER HEARD. I go for the gut...I put 15 corrupt companies out of business and 6 people in jail with my words. A contractor tried to have me thrown off a high school construction job...I gave him a 7,554 item punchlist. Cost him $1.2M to fix

IF you are a violent person, fight back with whatever you have.


Dexterous's picture
Dexterous 2 years 42 weeks ago

Stay in Canada where you are safe and secure.

jflum 2 years 41 weeks ago

Don't let cops decide what a crime is. They have no JUDGEMENT...THEY ARE STUPID

72% of the people of Ferguson are criminals??

Cops use the law to punish and CONTROL the people..probably on orders from Koch&Co.

Stay out of domestic violence's a voluntary crime

Stay out of drug's a victimless crime

Stop traffic enforcement....let some volunteers video transgressors and issue tickets

There, now you can fire 80% of the cops..have them work at Walmart as security guards.

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