IRAQ previous to the Presidency of right wing Conservative of George W Bush, was one of the most stable and modern SECULAR countries in the middle east.

For almost a decade and a half ,Iraqs leader Sadam was Americas ally against Iran. Ronald Reagan's regime, encouraged,funded and strategically aided the 1980 Iraqi war with Iran, a war that saw the slaughter of 440 thousand mostly young men from both sides. Reagan supplied Sadam with military equipment , the expertise and chemical warfare weapons, the weapons of mass destruction, which the US had no trouble looking the other way , when Sadam used these chemical weapons on his own people the Kurds or the Iranians .

BUT Sadam made the fatal mistake of not being a compliant American stooge and challenged the US when they tried to dictate to the dictator. Iraq NOW is a broken destroyed society, because right wing leaders chose to punish Iraq for IT'S insolence and to teach other mid east allies a very hard lesson.

Iraq was invaded and destroyed on 2 false premises, one was the weapons of mass destruction which other than the US supplied chemical weapons never existed, the other was Iraq was involved in 911, this being the most serious blatant lie, because the right wing government of George W Bush, knew full well that 16 of the 19 attackers were Saudi citizens , their leader Bin Laden was a Saudi citizen and almost all the funding for the attack came from Saudi financiers.

In conclusion IRAQ lays in ruin, terrorized by fanatical murderous ISIS, because the right wing government of the US , destroyed its ability to defend itself.

Today there are over a million dead Iraqis , a number of piles of rubble exist where once modern cities thrived and no there is no freedom.

We can only guess ,that most of the population suffers from the trauma of 12 years of war , 36 million Iraqi PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) sufferers, people driven mad by war, George W Bush's right wing war.


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